A 7-Imp Q & A with Deborah Kogan Ray at
Kidlit Celebrates Women’s History Month

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“They had a kind of shed made to put us in . . . {the} kind of shed you make for your stock in winter time . . . Oh, how we did suffer with cold.
There was no wood, and the snow was waist-deep . . .”

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This morning, I’m visiting the wonderful blog, Kidlit Celebrates Women’s History Month, a site commemorating the month designated to paying tribute to the generations of women whose efforts across many fields have benefited our world. Bloggers from what is called the kidlitosphere, or the community of bloggers specializing in children’s and young adult literature, are contributing, as well as authors (or folks who are both authors and bloggers).

Today’s my day to write something, and I’m so happy they asked me to contribute. I’ve got a Q & A over there with author/illustrator Deborah Kogan Ray about her upcoming (May) picture book from Farrar, Straus and Giroux / Frances Foster Books, Paiute Princess: The Story of Sarah Winnemucca.

There will be some art from the book over there at the Q & A, but pictured here are two more illustrations from the book.

I thank Deborah for taking the time to talk with me. That link is here. See you on that side.

“Sarah was warned that she would have to cross over some of the roughest terrain in the West, most of it held by the hostile Bannocks. The chances of her survival were slim. ‘There is nothing that will stop me,’ she declared, leaping on her horse.”

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PAIUTE PRINCESS: THE STORY OF SARAH WINNEMUCCA. Copyright © 2012 by Deborah Kogan Ray. Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux / Frances Foster Books, New York. All images posted with permission of Deborah Kogan Ray.

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Kidlit Celebrates Women’s History Month

  1. Thanks for featuring Paiute Princess for Women’s History Month, Jules.

  2. My pleasure … Thank you.

  3. I went to Camp Winnemucca for 6th grade camp…never knew this story…I’ll be interested to read this. Love the illustrations too!

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