They’re Baaaaack …

h1 June 11th, 2012 by jules

I’ve got some writing deadlines giving me the ‘ol skunk eye, so this will be brief, but here I am with a few words and one glorious spread (separated out into its left and right side, that is) to say that, if you didn’t yet already know it, Bink and Gollie are back.

As in, these entertaining characters, who appeared in 2010.

Kate DiCamillo’s and Alison McGhee’s Bink & Gollie: Two for One, illustrated by Tony Fucile, sees its release just this week — once again from Candlewick Press. For this set of three very funny stories, they head to the fair: Bink wants to whack a duck (a laugh-outloud, slapstick tale); Gollie chokes up at the talent show; and they meet up with, as you can see from the cover, a fortune teller.

I couldn’t live with myself if I gave away the stories here, so you’ll just have to find your own copy at your local library or bookstore (and then, by all means, come back and talk to me about it). As with the last set of stories, these tales of two best friends are superbly crafted. Anyone wanting to learn to write stories for children, I would think, would do well to spend some time poring over and pondering the choices DiCamillo and McGhee make in these narratives. These are stories that highlight all the ups and downs of two best buds who know each other well, and they’re written with humor and empathy. (If the second story doesn’t move you in one sympathetic way or another, I’m not sure I want to know you; the spread pictured above is from that tale.)

And Fucile’s seemingly simple, loose lines go so far in conveying great emotion and humor. The book’s penultimate spread, in which Bink pretty much learns all she needs to know from the psychic, is memorable, indeed.

I’m inordinately happy to see the return of one of contemporary children’s literature’s most winning duos. That’s all there is to it.

Who’s with me now?

* * * * * * *

BINK AND GOLLIE: TWO FOR ONE. Text copyright © 2012 by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee. Illustrations copyright © 2012 by Tony Fucile. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.

12 comments to “They’re Baaaaack …”

  1. Me!!! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Squealing with delight over the spreads you shared. Can’t wait to see this!!!

  3. I’m SO excited! “Marvelous companion” has been a favorite phrase ever since the first one.

  4. I will spend every day this week and next awaiting its arrival….with bells on and joy in my heart. Thanks for sharing. I love them immensely.

  5. i’m in.

  6. I have this book sitting right next to me at this moment waiting for me to read it.

    I read the first book in this series to a few second grade classes I had visiting the library last week. It was great fun for all of us. I really can’t say “I long for speed” enough times.

  7. I do writing with no pictures (!) but the eagerness on those faces would, I would think, fascinate any child.

  8. (Lurking about here to say thanks! And how glad I am that you like the second book! We had so much fun writing this one! Exclamation marks all intentional. Love your site, Jules.)

  9. The book made me laugh so hard when I was reading it at the library last night that my coworker asked me what was wrong and then a patron came over to ask what I was reading and if she could check it out.

  10. Thanks, all.

    Alison: I can only imagine how fun it is to write. I bet even your story rejects are great.

    Adrienne, I can imagine this and hear you laughing in my head. They are spot-on funny, but then at the next moment, they’ve gone and put a giant lump in your throat. As I said, good training for wannabe writers, I would think. I’d love to be there at your story times when you read these.

  11. Loved the first one. Haven’t seen this one- will have to do something about that quickly.

  12. Love, love love Bink & Golly. Love to imagine you having a blast writing it as well! So droll, so well done. The Patsy and Edina for the new generation! (yes, that’s an AbFab reference!)

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