What I Did at Kirkus Last Week, Featuring Bryan Collier

h1 July 11th, 2012 by jules

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Last week at Kirkus, I chatted briefly with Bryan Collier about his latest picture book, an adaptation of Langston Hughes’s iconic poem, “I, Too, Sing America.” This is called I, Too, Am America and was published by Simon & Schuster in May.

Here is that link.

I’ve got a couple of spreads in this post today. Enjoy.

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Spreads from I, TOO, AM AMERICA are copyright © 2012 by Bryan Collier and used with permission of Simon & Schuster.

2 comments to “What I Did at Kirkus Last Week, Featuring Bryan Collier”

  1. beautiful – can’t wait to see the book. And I love this poem.

  2. This book looks brilliantly illustrated. I look forward to seeing all of it.

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