One ‘Glorious Image of Liberation’ Before Breakfast
and a Quick Note to My Impish Readers

h1 July 17th, 2012 by jules

(Do yourself a favor and click to enlarge this spread)

Hello, dear Imps.

I’m busy this week working on my part of this presentation, which will be in Knoxville this Friday. I will be speaking in the morning to a group of librarians and teachers about picture books, my favorite titles thus far in 2012. I love doing this every summer. In point of fact, I love it as much as Snoopy loves root beer:

… and that’s ’cause how often does one get asked to talk about picture books for nearly two hours? Not often, so I look forward to this every year.

And the image opening this post? Well, speaking of 2012 picture books, that spread is from one with which I am deeply smitten, Matthew Cordell’s hello! hello! To be clear, this one is not out yet—it’ll be released by Hyperion in October—so this is essentially a sneak-peek image. In fact, that spread from the book is what Publishers Weekly in their starred review referred to as “a glorious image of liberation.” Indeed. This book has such a beautiful rhythm and pacing to it, but then more on that later, as I hope to post about it when it’s released. (Anyone remember in January, when Matt visited for a breakfast interview, that he actually shared this same image, as well as a few others from the book?) In the meantime, here’s the cover:

Back to my stack of 2012 picture books. I’ll be back on Thursday. Promise. Until then…

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Spread from HELLO! HELLO! is copyright © 2012 by Matthew Cordell and used with his permission.

10 comments to “One ‘Glorious Image of Liberation’ Before Breakfast
and a Quick Note to My Impish Readers”

  1. Two hours with you talking about picture books?! A slice of heaven, Jules. Wish I could be there and I am eagerly awaiting Matthew Cordell’s new book. I just loved Another Brother.

  2. Well, an hour and a half, Margie. I have a bad habit of rounding up all the time. (I think this makes the people I live with crazy.)

  3. I took your advise and enlarged….oh, wow.

    I will be there on Friday and am looking forward to hearing your presentation. I particularly enjoyed your presentation last year, as picture books are not at all my usual thing. (Other than the ones I read with my kids.)

  4. Brandy: Cool. See you there! I’ll try not to talk so fast this year. (Oh, who am I kidding? I’m sure I will.)

  5. Ditto Brandy’s comment on that spread. Gotta love the ladybug hitching a ride. 🙂

    I kind of like to think of you getting up and doing a Snoopy dance around the table after you’ve had your first slug of the Knoxville workshop. Have fun with it!

  6. The ladybug is my favorite little detail!

    If someone gives me root beer (yum), I’ll totally do a Snoopy dance.

  7. I forgive you for posting a fall book 🙂 I love Another Brother so much- how exciting that Matthew Cordell has another title out so soon!

  8. Love this image! I’m looking forward to the book. Have a fab time at the workshop. I’m hoping you’ll post your list when you are done with the workshop – are you allowed?

    I love rootbeer – thanks for that cute link. I miss Snoopy. I must introduce him to my son!

    Break a leg on Friday!

  9. Thanks, all. I’ll find out if I can post lists. I have no idea!

  10. Love the idea of dumping all the electrical junk to chase a leaf!

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