7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #292: Featuring Erin and Philip Stead

h1 August 12th, 2012 by jules

“Bear helped Mouse find seeds on the forest floor.”

Yesterday at Kirkus, I rambled incessantly about Fall 2012 picture books for which I’ve already fallen and fallen hard. Since I like to follow Kirkus columns one week later with 7-Imp posts that feature art art and lots of art—if I don’t post lots of art, I start to get twitchy—I started gathering at least one spread from each book to feature here at 7-Imp later this week.

But then when I ended up with more than one spread from the new book Bear Has a Story to Tell (Neal Porter/Roaring Brook), written by Philip C. Stead and illustrated by Erin E. Stead, I couldn’t resist the urge to go ahead and post about it today. It will be released relatively soon anyway (early September).

If I gave away the entire story here, I’d not be able to sleep at night for having ruined the reading experience for you. So, I’m going to do something rare and unusual for long-winded me: I’m going to just list a small handful of things about it that I like. I’ll list seven of them (at the risk of looking formulaic here), given the blog’s title. (Why not?) Then, I’ll just let the beautiful art speak for itself.

I suppose I should give the basics first, though: “It was almost winter and Bear was getting sleepy,” the book opens. He has a story he wants to tell. He asks his woodland friends if they’d like to hear it, but nope, everyone is busy prepping for winter. Bear assists, despite the fact that he’s got this story he’s eager to share, kindly helping out his friends. “The first winter snowflakes began to fall . . .” Bear wakes after a long sleep. And that’s where I’ll stop.

Here’s what there is to love:

  1. As I mentioned at Kirkus yesterday, the Steads let their stories breathe. (Clearly, as the blog archives can confirm, I’m a fan of their books, and this is one reason why. More often than not in contemporary children’s lit, you see folks a bit afraid to let their stories take their time.)
  2. It has deep, rich navy blue endpages.
  3. Remember the many good, yet never saccharine, things that A Sick Day for Amos McGee had to say about friendship? Same goes, in fact, for Phil’s A Home for Bird. This book also celebrates—in the Steads’ quiet, subtle manner—what it means to be a good friend, a good listener. And to get your friends’ backs, as they say.
  4. Phil wrote a story here that is a perfect circle. (But, again, I won’t reveal why so that you can experience it for yourself.)
  5. The pacing and the book’s rhythms are splendid. Erin lets months pass with just one illustration mid-way through the book that says all it needs to say.
  6. Erin lets you see her brushstrokes. As for the beautiful art, as I said, I’ll let it speak for itself below.
  7. If you’re a fan of stories/storytelling, as I am, this book will make you cheer. (Makes me want to snap my fingers and be back in a school library so that I can pair it with this unforgettable book.)

Here’s some more art. Enjoy.

“Bear leaned against the old oak tree. He stretched, and yawned,
and scratched at his belly. ‘I wonder if Mole is awake?’ he thought.”

(Click to enlarge spread)

“The winter snowflakes began to fall . . .”
(Click to enlarge spread)

“Bear gathered his friends. He sat up straight and cleared his throat.
He puffed out his chest, and with all of his friends listening . . .”

(Click to enlarge spread)

BEAR HAS A STORY TO TELL. Text copyright © 2012 by Philip C. Stead. Illustrations copyright © 2012 by Erin E. Stead. Published by Neal Porter/Roaring Brook, New York. Reproduced by permission of the Steads.

* * * * * * *

Note for any new readers: 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you. New kickers are always welcome.

* * * Jules’ Kicks * * *

1) This is a bit belated, but … MARS!

2) Even though leaving my girls at their school at the beginning of every school year is a lot like dropping my entire heart off at the doors of their respective classrooms, I’m glad they enjoyed their first day. I also enjoyed working in silence again at home, even if I missed them.

Also, evidently the six-year-old showed her entire class a magic trick she learned. I can only hope she didn’t top it off with the new-and-improved version of her evil laugh, which looks precisely like this:

3) Rufus Wainwright’s “Barcelona,” circa 1998, is a great song to hear if you’re (stupidly) feeling sorry for yourself. Yes, it’s a “meditation on wasting away,” as the New York Times once put it, but it’s also just good for one’s bad mood on account of how beautiful it is.

Barcelona by Rufus Wainwright on Grooveshark

I swore I would not mention Rufus this week. I TRIED SO HARD. But, YOU GUYS. This song. I particularly love how the melody shifts into something altogether (more) beautiful about a quarter of the way through. (And the piano! The subtle, subtle piano.)

(Also, and I’ll say this so quickly so as not to be annoying, youcanseehimsing”SongofYou”here, as of yesterday! I hope he wears gold sequin pants at the Ryman in October.)

4) Mixed kick: The eight-year-old had to get glasses. She chose blue ones with kitties on the temples. (See below.)

Good: She’s rocking the four-eyes thing. Bad: She looks way more grown-up. I mean, I know growing-up is gonna happen, but you know …

5) My friends consistently crack me up, and I’m always humbled that such clever, funny people want to hang out with me. Farida emailed this week to say “thank goodness there is a recipe for homemade ice cubes, as I was getting so tired of buying the pricey, overly-packaged store-bought versions.” (You just gotta read that link. My favorite is step #5.)

6) I love it when my blog readers email me to recommend new picture books. Oftentimes, it’s other illustrators emailing me to recommend books by their peers. I feel I’ve probably kicked about this many times before, but it’s a consistent occurrence for which I’m grateful. Picture book people, I’ve found, are generally very nice. (And, since by and large I find this to be true in life, this is a good thing.)

7) I’m working once again on a committee this year to help organize and promote the children’s and YA author/illustrator line-up for the Southern Festival of Books. This tiny committee is filled with some of my favorite readers and librarians.

I will post about the Festival on Monday (if I get organized).

What are YOUR kicks this week?

26 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #292: Featuring Erin and Philip Stead”

  1. The comments on the ice cube article are hilarious! And the illustrations are lovely (as usual – visiting here is always such as visual treat).

    1. There is a very cute masked lapwing chick running around a local park. It has very fierce parents so I think it should thrive.
    2. Veggies are sprouting in the new bed. Hurrah for a sub-tropical winter.
    3. But actually the most exciting thing is that I AM GOING TO THE US! My partner is going to Washington DC for work so I am joining him there, and then we’ll have some time off (probably in New York). I am insanely excited, and am making lists like “American foods I must try”
    4. really that last one has overwhelmed my brain so I will go read your Kirkus article, Jules!

  2. Being a fan of stories and storytelling I have been waiting not so patiently for this title to be released. You just want to hug those illustrations.
    1. Learning patience from my aging dog; two steps pause, stop, head raised to smell the air, two steps pause
    2. Checking every morning to see if the tree frog who resides on my outside light box has returned
    3. Watching the birds fly in and out of the sprinkler spray when watering my flowers
    4. Squirting canned whipped cream on top of my no-fat yogart
    5. Seeing three deer in a vacant lot in the neighborhood watching Xena and I walk
    6. Noticing the sunlight shining through the ears of a rabbit in my backyard this morning
    7. Reading 7-Imp

  3. Emmaco, HOW BADLY DO I WISH RIGHT NOW THAT I LIVED NEAR D.C.! Please share your American-foods-you-must-try list one day, if you’re ever so inclined or have time! What I Learned From You This Week: Masked lapwing.

    Margie, those kicks are hard to top. A friend once told me she stopped coming to leave kicks, ’cause she felt like her life wasn’t exciting enough. But no no NO, it’s all about things like looking for your tree frog, watching the birds, seeing three beautiful deer, the sunlight shining through something else, illuminating its beauty (my second favorite of your kicks), and (my very favorite) seeing grace in your aging dog. So, yes. THAT is what it’s all about. (And, shucks, thanks for #7.)

  4. Hi everyone!

    I want to devour this book. A Sick Day For Amos McGee is on my shelf right now anxiously awaiting Bear Has A Story To Tell. I really like seeing Erin’s work with brushstrokes…different from her others I’ve seen with the printmaking & pencil…
    I like to see artists progress from one media to another.

    Jules, loving those glasses your 8-year-old picked.

    Margie…I love whipped cream…especially squirted directly into mouth.

    Emmaco….welcome to the US!!

    My kicks:

    1) Spending the day on the river watching the girls giggle and play with dear family friends.
    2) Hummingbirds in the garden
    3) Discovering cut paper.
    4) Signing up for a picture book illustration webinar (thanks for the link on FB Jules)
    5) Watching my hubby teach our daughters how to make bow and arrows with their new, shiny, master-huntsmen pocket knives
    6) Rereading all my Olof Landstrom children’s books and falling in love with him all over again.
    7) Eating chocolate chess pie

  5. Lori: So glad you signed up for it, too. I’m inordinately excited about it. I like your kicks: All children should be ready with their bows and arrows, should the world fall apart. (I’m mostly kidding, but also kinda not.) Glad you’re having fun exploring cut paper, and I still hope you can make it to middle TN some day so we can have coffee. (I’ll do the same if I’m in Alabama.) ….I don’t think I’ve ever read a Landstrom book. I should fix that.

  6. Jules, I love your girls and I wish I could attend the Southern Festival of Books!

    Emmaco, I hope you and your partner have a fantastic time in the US. =D

    Margie, I giggled at “whipped cream over non-fat yogurt.”

    Lori, whoa, your husband and now your children know how to make bows and arrows?


    1. One of my (graduate level) students told me that I will stay in his writing forever. This has got to be my favorite evaluation from a student to date. *speechless*

    2. My second favorite just might be his classmate saying, “You are very pretty.” =P

    3. We didn’t think it would happen again, but it did. (Remember the devastating typhoon in the Philippines a few years back?) There were very heavy rains in Metro Manila this past week and the city was flooded. So I didn’t think this would be a kick for me again, but it is: Me and my loved ones being safe and alive.

  7. Hi there. Love the Stead’s work. Am in Medford w/ daughter and Grandgirls in the warmest heat of summer 100+.
    Jules your girls are adorable! Love everyone’s kicks. So my 7 are rolled up into being with family this week and having the grandgirl cousins spend the night and going to Enchanted Forest which was as enchanting as it sounds.
    Have a great week.

  8. Thanks for more on the Steads. My kicks:

    1. It’s my first time kickin’.
    2. Yesterday, we took our sweet dog Molly for her first walk since May. She had a long rest with meds because of a disc problem. Much better now.
    3. I finished a work project that KILLED me. (well, almost.)
    4. Last night’s dinner was an array of vegetables from the farmer’s market. Oh, the tomatoes!
    5. I finished reading the beautiful, poignant
    novel Broken Irish.
    6. I had an extra good visit with my dad on Thursday.
    7. Watching Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Soul Companion videos.

    Jules, I hope you and all the kickers have a fine, fine week.

  9. Good morning, Imps!

    Good morning, Bear. I always have a story to tell as well. I do not, unfortunately, sleep as much as I should.

    Jules: Tell her the new glasses look awesome! Happy new school year to your daughters, and to everyone here returning to school for a new year as students or educators. Have fun working on the Festival.

    emmaco: Awesome! Have a fun and safe trip!

    Margie: Hugs to your dog, and hello to all of the animals visiting your neighborhood.

    Lori: Enjoy the webinar. Please say hello to the hummingbirds for me. Hope your family has fun, safely!

    Tarie: That’s so kind. You’ve made a great impression on your students. Sending good thoughts to you and yours.

    Jone: Stay cool! Enjoy your time with your family.

    My kicks for the past week:
    1) Audition
    2) Rehearsing for two different projects
    3) The movie Uncertainty
    4) Butterflies
    5) Writing
    6) Ellie Goulding’s album Lights
    7) New books by Thomas E. Sniegoski! In the House of the Wicked and The Fallen: Forsaken

  10. Welcome, Laurina! Good thoughts to your dog.

  11. Oh my! I MUST get my hands on that Bear book! I am already in love, and I haven’t even seen it. (Nitpicky, but I know you’d want to know – you have a typo in “I wonder if Mole is awake yet?” (missing A).)

    Seven Kicks:
    1. M figured out a list of colleges she wants to apply to. They are all fabulous. And several might have LOTS of aid for her.
    2. My beloved’s 85-yo cousin had a valve replacement in his heart on Monday, and went home yesterday. All is well. And vaguely miraculous.
    3. Kismet the cat GROWLED this week, yo. Like a puppy playing tug. Totally weird, but totally hilarious.
    4. Beach day with my beloved last Sunday. Family gathering with some of his kin today. Lots of precious moments in between.
    5. Snickerdoodles. NOM!
    6. I actually blogged this week. As in, several times. Including an original poem. Woot!
    7. I discovered Ad Block on Google Chrome. And it totally-otally works. I so love smart people. (And I so dislike all those daggone ads!)

  12. Hello, Kickers!

    It bears *coughcough* repeating, Jules, that you ALWAYS pick such great artists, authors, and books to feature here. This is true even for those of us who for one reason or another never get to see the books in question — in large measure, no doubt, because you do such a great job conveying each book’s unique moodfeel, not just in the (always generous) excerpts you include but also in your own commentary. Thanks so much for putting us “there,” always.

    Love the images from the Steads’ work here, especially the one you closed with. A certain kind of child could easily regard that as a — what’s the term? (help! Little Willow maybe???) — a blocking guide, something like that… a map/plan for arranging his or her own stuffed animals on a stage for a story-telling story of one’s own.

    That photo of Ms. 8 in her new glasses: granted, I’ve got only a limited number of photos to base this observation on, but it seems to me that she may have picked up some pose-for-the-camera technique from her Aunt Eisha.

    As always, everyone’s kicks leave me fumbling for my own. (Aside to Margie: we’ve got basically a plague of tree frogs this year. Happy to ship you a few if you’d like the company!) But I’ll echo what others from time to time (including today) have said, and start with…

    1. Reading the kicks here.
    2. Yes, MARS. I’ve been completely besotted this week.
    3. Speaking of bears with a story to tell, I have a feeling this larcenous one will be regaling his friends for years with the tale of the chocolate shoppe he bumped over in 2012. (I just hope he doesn’t turn into one of those tiresome evermore-exaggerating storytelling braggarts.)
    4. We went to a “visitation” (as they say down here) and funeral for one of The Missus’s aunts this week. Sad, yes, but also very lighthearted. The aunt in question really knew how to make the best of difficult situations, and the family seems to have heeded those lessons — at least for the week! 😉
    5. The Pooch got an X-treme haircut this week. This always shakes things up around here — turns her from a lovable dustmop of a ragamuffin into this scrappy tomboy in a too-tight T-shirt, with a couple of Milkbones rolled up in one sleeve. Kind of like one of those, whatsit… oh, right: Parisian Apache dancers.
    6. Planning a couple of trips in coming weeks: a long weekend (with Pooch!) pre-Labor Day, and a family wedding (in NJ!) in November.
    7. A sudden burst of 24 hours without rain, or even the threat of it. Luckily I’m not the outdoorsy type, so haven’t felt any compulsion to DO SOMETHING with it, but have just contented myself with letting my mood be idly lifted.

    Have a great week, all!

  13. Loving the look of this.. I have all their other books! Wondering if you know what media/ technique she used for the illustrations this time around? Or maybe that will be a later blog!!

  14. Jules –
    Thanks for posting these images. I’m so glad to see that they’ve done another book together and am looking forward to seeing this one. Glad to see Erin layering more textures/media on top of her pencil work – reminds me a bit, actually, of seeing Ezra Jack Keat’s work yesterday at the Carle; he was never afraid to experiment with all manners of collage/materials in his illustrations. You can see him starting out timidly with it and then just gaining confidence as he continued onward. Of course, there’s something entirely precious about an artist’s first published work, like Amos.

  15. Ok, Three times is the charm. I’m having trouble posting today.

    This book looks like it has the same quiet beauty as Amos, looking forward to it.

    Jules-Rufus? Rufus who? I don’t recall you mentioning him before 😉
    You are right about PB people, so nice.
    Emmaco-Travel blog please!
    Margie-Love, “two steps, pause”. Great thought for the day.
    Lori-Chocolate Chess Pie? Yes please with some of Margie’s whipped cream.
    Tari- I’m so glad everyone is safe.
    Jone-Enjoy your time with your girls.
    Laurina-Welcome! “Broken Irish”?
    L.W.-Butterflies, so magical
    Kelly-Sounds like you had many precious moments this week, nice.
    JES- Great visual of the Pooch
    Cat-Yes, future post with details on the technique.
    Aaron-Sounds like a great exhibit.

    1. Auntie MoMo/Mom (me) bought all the good kids books at the Brewster Book Store.
    2. Summertime math via penny candy shopping.
    3. Bumper Boats
    4. My kids
    5. My mother buys me vintage housewares when she goes yard saling.
    6. I made a new profile pic./icon/avatar/self-portrait that includes a smile and glasses.
    7. I made a video which gives a glimpse of how I made said image.

    Keep cool all.

  16. Hunt-and-peck left-handed post. Forgive haiku-esque musings.

    2 weekends ago: sidewalk cafe, tree root, trip/fall, DISLOCATED ELBOW (sheesh), full arm cast …right arm/writing hand kaput.

    My note: “Dear Jules, Please excuse Denise…”

    TODAY: Love looks of Bear. Good kicks all! 🙂

    1. Son helped me up, drove to ER, “It’ll be OK Mom.” Sweet, tender. Role reversal.

    2. Being out-of-commission = really, really, really appreciating being ‘in commission’ (can’t wait.)

    3. Writer friends helping me navigate 4-day SCBWI Summer Conference. Coffee poured, doors held, ice packs refilled, papers shuffled. So very nice.

    4. Antoinette Portis’ break-out session on the unique artform of picture books. Thoughtful; me thinks you would have enjoyed it, Jules.

    5. Olympics.

    6. Fun, musical rain gutters; SEE:

    7. Thank God for long, flexible, wood skewers!!!
    (full arm cast + 100 degree heatwave + sweat = ITCH!)

    Be careful out there! Fondly, “Lefty”

  17. Kelly: Good luck to her on the college hunt. Hello to Kismet the kitty. Congrats on the poetry and blogging!

    JES: Yes, blocking! I hope the stuffed animals like their places. 🙂 Hello to the pup. My thoughts are with your family. Have fun on your upcoming trips!

    Hi Cat and Aaron!

    Moira: Butterflies are, indeed, magical. Cool Self-Portrait video. Thanks for sharing!

    Denise: Ouch, ouch, ouch! Heal quickly and fully, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing the musical funnel wall link.

  18. I am looking forward to Bear Has a Story to Tell.

    Jules, I am glad the first day of school went well, and I NEEDED that Rufus song today. You just keep on sharing your obsession with us. That’s what Kicks are for.

    And isn’t Farida a Kick all by herself? I’ve been telling people about that ice cube recipe all weekend, it made me laugh so.

    Tarie, I am so glad you and your family are safe and sound.

    Denise, I hope your arm heals quickly.

    My Kicks for this week are all variations on how grateful I am to have such amazing, wonderful, supportive, smart, and interesting friends. I needed them this week, and they were there, as they always are.

  19. Hi Everyone! So great to read your kicks! I’m so glad to be kicking today, because I’ve missed doing it for the last three weeks!

    Aaron- glad you saw the Keat’s exhibit, wasn’t it wonderful? I saw it by chance earlier this year in NYC and had never fully appreciated his work till then!

    Margie-I love your kicks, they’re each like little poetic photographs (if that makes sense) 🙂

    Lori- Hope you enjoy the webinar, it sounds awesome!! And I’ve never heard of Olof Landstrom, I’m curious now

    Moira- Loved your video, saw it last night and it was soo cool!

    Tarie- so glad you and yours are safe and that comment from your student is so sweet

    1. Dressing up like Madame Ionesco from The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place for a storytelling themed birthday party I attended with my mom and brother (pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/AliceInBakerStreet)

    2. I’m still so giddily happy when I realize that authors themselves can see what I post and even answer back! Maryrose Wood retweeted my photos from my above kick and said “This is AWESOME!”. It was pretty cool 🙂

    3. Jules, I loved your post about your 6yrold daughter and her rambling and wonderful form of reading, reminds me of my little brother when he decides to tell me a story and it seems like he’s just going to go on and on, but he totally has a plan for how it’s going and when I say, are you almost done because you need to go to bed, he then say almost but this and this and this still need to happen

    4. Submitted a proposal for the KidLitCon, excited but nervous. Oh and Jules after reading your post today on the Erin Stead’s amazing creations, it makes me hope even more that you’ll be able to possibly help me with the idea I emailed you about!

    5. Staying up with my little brother (extra late for him at 10:30!) to watch the beach volleyball match for gold, it was a great game and it’s so fun to see him enjoying volleyball so much 🙂

    6. Watching the film Sarah’s Key. Wow…it was just powerful and moving and visually beautiful, I loved the colors and textures!

    7. And since I”ve been gone from kicking at 7-imps I haven’t been able to gush about the books I’ve finished reading in the last little stretch before summer: The Berlin Boxing Club, Small Damages and I’m reading two others right now that are great: Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes and The Apothecary!

    Oh, and in case any of your are interested I posted my class reading lists for me three children’s lit classes this week here: http://alice-peregrinations.blogspot.com/2012/08/fall-2012-childrens-lit-courses.html

    Have a great week!!

  20. I rarely take the time to read 7-imp at home, but I have tonight. Thank you, Jules. It’s always fun. I look forward to reading The Steads’ new book.

    Kicks (first time here…):

    1. Watching Meb finish 4th in the marathon this morning. A fantastic finish!
    2. Watching an Italian cyclist get 3rd in the mountain bike race after his seat fell off mid-race. Most impressive.
    3. Putting away the TV and unsubscribing to cable at the end of the Olympics. While I love the Olympics, it was time.
    4. Shopping for school supplies with my kids — esp. with my daughter who will be entering kindergarten.
    5. raspberry rhubarb pie
    6. a good run
    7. blueberry season

  21. Tarie, so glad you and yours are safe and sound. Also, I sound like a broken record, but your students—I will say it YET again—are so incredibly lucky to have you. …. And I wish you could come to the SoFB, too, ’cause then we could have a cup of coffee together. Or beer. Or both.

    Jone, I’ll have to look up what the Enchanted Forest is. … Have fun with the family. And it’s STILL over 100 there? We finally have somewhat cooler temps here.

    LAURINA! I hope you come kickin’ again. Hurrah for Molly’s walk, and congrats on finishing a challenging work project. … Is Broken Irish an adult or children’s novel?

    Little Willow, I still have your music emails flagged. (I got behind on email this week.) So, thanks in advance. I’ve not heard of Uncertainty and will have to look that up. Break a leg at both the audition and rehearsals!

    Kelly: YES, I appreciate people pointing out my typos. I do. This beautiful book doesn’t need to have all inaccurate captions, egads. Thanks, and I fixed it! … Must look into Ad-Block. … Congrats and good luck to your daughter, and I’m so glad you had a good week that included beaches and true loves. … I had snickerdoodles this week, too.

    John: I’m amazed you think I capture moodfeel, ’cause I feel like I struggle with it and am never quite adequate. (Whew, *wipes forehead*) … Someone else told me that picture of Piper reminded them of Eisha. Funny. …. This is really fifth-grade of me—and for that I apologize—but “balls of joy!” in the comments under that bear video made me snort-laugh. … I’m sorry to hear about a death in the family, but I’m glad it ended up with something near kick-like in it. And how much do I love your Pooch X-treme haircut kick! Oh my, I wiped my eyes from laughing at your analogy there.

    Cat: Looks like pencil and watercolors to me. Shelf Awareness writes here that it’s “a pencil and watercolor wash technique.”

    Hi, Aaron. How I wish I could see that Keats exhibit.

    Moira: That video looks fun, and may I borrow your head of hair for just one day (says the one with the fine, blonde hair)?

    Denise/Lefty: OH NO! So glad you’re okay and healing. I’m thankful, too, for your thoughtful SCBWI pals. And, yes, Antoinette’s session sounds wonderful. A dear friend of mine from here went SCBWI’ing, and I hope to catch up with her soon and will hope she attended that so that I can hear more. …. Those musical rain gutters are very clever. …. Please thank your son from the kickers/imps for taking care of you.

    Hi, Adrienne. Speaking of friends, I saw the newest Ice Age movie today (the girls saw it with their cousin, visiting from out of town), and one of the trio (either Manny, Diego, or Sid — can’t remember which) referred to the three as his “Brain Trust.” At least I’m pretty sure that’s what the character said. …. I call Sid! (I’m about as clutzy as he is, so it might be fitting that I’m Sid.)

    Jess, your little brother sounds wonderful. I love reading about him. …. I am SO BEHIND on email but will answer yours soon, I promise. … Your classes sound great (and, my, look at that new Feed cover — at least it’s new to me).

    Hi, Amy! Those are some good kicks, especially pie, though I realize I have never once in my life had rhubarb pie. What is WRONG with me? Kick #2 is mighty impressive. I missed every moment of the Olympics. I must watch some of it with my girls next time. Good luck to your daughter with kindergarten! Is she excited or nervous?

  22. Welcome, Amy! A lovely list of kicks, and I am impressed with the cyclist who did so well after such an adverse event!

    Hope you get better soon, Denise! What a horrible thing to happen (especially as the list with cafe and tree sounded so nice before TRIP).

    Moira I haven’t heard of “yard saling” but I like it! (though we usually say garage sale here)

    And how did I leave MARS off my list! Thanks Jules and JES for the reminder!

    It’s still a month till I’m in the US in a month, but am already seeing myself coming here during the holiday and writing CHIPMUNK on it 🙂

    I wish I could catch up with you, too, Jules! Maybe next trip – this was an inexpensive way to get over there for a short time in a huge country. Actually we have secret (from our families!) dreams of perhaps living there for a couple of years at some point…

  23. Emmaco: I am all for this secret dream.

  24. Hi All!
    I’m so late this week I doubt anyone will see this post, but I did want to say that I really enjoyed everyone’s notes and kicks. Another GREAT week.

    Jules – this book is gorgeous of course. I’m so happy to see another collaboration between them. I wasn’t wild about ‘and then it’s spring’. This looks lovely, lovely, lovely. So many beautiful books, so little time!

    My kicks involved: Mars, hot weather finally in LA, finally finishing this historical tome I had to review, my Little acing his kindergarten assessment in 6 minutes, one of my Little’s dearest friends announcing at dinner after a FUN day at a tiny amusement park for young ones, “we are all family – me, Mommy and [Younger Sister], you, your mommy and daddy”.

    See you all next week, hopefully early.

  25. I’m still here, Allison!

    Glad you had a good week. I hope you enjoy the book when you see it. I’ve said it already, but I’ll say it again: It’s beautiful.

    Hope your Little One enjoys the start of the kindergarten school year.

  26. […] Brook Press, 2012) (Oh, and the Steads–Philip C. and his wife, Erin–have a new book out that looks wonderful.  Maybe I’ll remember to look for it.  […]

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