What I Did at Kirkus Last Thursday, Featuring Jordan Crane, Etienne Delessert, Matt Furie, Lisa Hanawalt, Amy Martin, Clare Rojas, and Vladimir Vagin

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“…She cries tears in a bottle she keeps in her boot.”
— From Jordan Crane’s
Keep Our Secrets (To Be Read in a Whisper),
a 2012 McMullens’ title

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Last Thursday at Kirkus, I chatted with Brian McMullen, who created the McMullens children’s book imprint over at McSweeney’s, now in its second year. Brian serves as Art Director and imprint editor and is the namesake for the imprint. That link is here, if you missed it and are interested.

Today, I follow-up, as always, with some art. This time I’ve got some illustrations from a handful of McMullens titles’, both from this year and last.


“Josette says: ‘Want to play with me? What’s your name?’
The little girl says: ‘My name is Jacqueline.'”
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Spread and cover from Eugène Ionesco’s Stories 1, 2, 3, 4,
illustrated by Etienne Delessert (September 2012)

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Illustrations and cover from Matt Furie’s The Night Riders (August 2012)

“‘What’s your name?’ asked Theo. ‘I am Benny,’ said the walrus,
‘and I am most pleased to meet you.'”
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Spread and cover from Arthur Bradford’s Benny’s Brigade,
illustrated by Lisa Hanawalt (August 2012)

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Spread and cover from Frank Asch’s Here Comes the Cat!,
illustrated by Vladimir Vagin (July 2011)

“…and under the stars and streetlamps there is color everywhere…”
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Spread and cover from Amy Martin’s Symphony City (July 2011)

“His one question asked and answered, he walked past the light, into a field where there were many animals, of all shapes and sizes,
in colors he had never seen before….
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Illustration and cover from Sheila Heti’s We Need a Horse,
illustrated by Clare Rojas (July 2011)

* * * * * * *

Absolutely all images are used with permission of McMullens.

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