What I’m Doing at Kirkus Today, Plus What I Did Last Week: Featuring Kickin’ National Geographic Photos

h1 August 24th, 2012 by jules

“The white egret / marks time / on / one / leg / then / the / other.”
(Click to enlarge spread; photograph of egret is by Cheryl Molennor)


This morning over at Kirkus, I’ve got a Q&A with author, professor, and blogger Philip Nel, and I ask him about his latest book, Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss: How an Unlikely Couple Found Love, Dodged the FBI, and Transformed Children’s Literature. That link is here, and next week I’ll follow that up here at 7-Imp with some images from the book (as well as Philip’s interview in its entirety).

* * *

Last week, I wrote about the National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry, to be released in September and edited by Children’s Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis. That column is here. This is such a beautiful book. You don’t want to miss it. Today I’ve got several spreads from it.


“A threatening cloud, plumped fat and gray / Snorts a thunder, rains a spray …”
(Click to enlarge spread)

“A book of summer is the butterfly: / The print is small and hard to read …”
(Click to enlarge spread)

“The cow / Coming / Across the grass / Moves / Like a mountain / Toward us …”
(Click to enlarge spread)

Bonus: If you’d like to see more photographs straight from the book, as well as a poem written (and read) by J. Patrick Lewis, you might be interested in this trailer for the book:

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BOOK OF ANIMAL POETRY. Text copyright © 2012 by J. Patrick Lewis. Spreads reproduced by permission of the publisher, the National Geographic Society.

Please note that the photographer of the gorgeous white egret is Cheryl Molennor. Her web site is here.

10 comments to “What I’m Doing at Kirkus Today, Plus What I Did Last Week: Featuring Kickin’ National Geographic Photos”

  1. Oh my gosh, those photos! I have to get that one to share with the boys for sure.

  2. Sqeak, soar, and ROAR, indeed! I can’t wait to hold this book in my hands. Beautiful!

  3. Fun fun fun…I love pictures of animals and I love poetry…what a perfect book (and my birthday wishlist will now get this addition).

  4. Wow, you ain’t kidding. This thing is beautifully photographed and designed!

  5. Stunning…can’t wait to see it up close.

  6. Oh my what a visual feast! May this anthology (J. Pat’s first) be the first of many more to come from this fine children’s poet!

  7. Wow! The girls have a few animal loving friends who will be getting this book when their birthdays roll around!

  8. Wowee, Jules. I am on my way to getting a copy of that title. I am a nut for photography and poetry too. What a magical mix!

  9. Just when you think you know everything Pat lewis is doing, he turns around and exceeds what you think. Am exhausted trying to keep up with him!



  10. […] I discovered this beautiful upcoming book of poetry (and borrowed the pictures) from two connected blogs–blogs definitely worth regularly checking out–> Kirkus Reviews and the very impressive Seven Impossible Things. […]

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