Sarah Stewart and David Small Visit for Breakfast
(And Kirkus Brings the Coffee)

h1 September 6th, 2012 by jules

Yes, I’m chatting with Sarah Stewart and David Small today about their latest picture book, The Quiet Place.

But we’re chatting with coffee mugs in hand over at Kirkus, instead of at the 7-Imp table. Good thing, ’cause I didn’t clean the table up after last night’s heavy partying. (That is so totally just a lame joke. There will be no partying in my future until I get my manuscript edits done. Giving me the ‘ol skunk eye, that manuscript is.)

Here is the Q&A.

David and Sarah discuss the new book; how they collaborate (or, rather, don’t collaborate) together; what spawned this beautiful story; and more.

Next week, I’ll have some spreads from the book, as well as some early sketches from the book from David.

I’m looking forward to that post. Even David’s sketches blow me away.

Until tomorrow …

p.s. I composed this post before my own coffee intake today, and the post title was originally “Sarah Stewart and David Small for Breakfast.” I’m glad I caught that mistake. I think we all need them to stick around—no seven impossible acts of cannibalism before breakfast, please—so that we can experience more of their future books.

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