Colin. Carson. Nashville. Tonight.

h1 October 1st, 2012 by jules

Carson Ellis and Colin Meloy; photo credit: Autumn de Wilde

Carson Ellis and Colin Meloy
(Illustrator/author photo for
Wildwood; Photo credit: Autumn de Wilde)

Hello, dear Imps. A quick calendar note:

If you live in or near Nashville, author and musician Colin Meloy and illustrator Carson Ellis will be speaking this evening at the Nashville Children’s Theatre, and I’ll be introducing them.

They’ll be discussing last year’s Wildwood, as well as the sequel, Under Wildwood, released this month (and both released by Balzer & Bray).

My favorite thing about this event is that it’s happening with the support in one way or another of Humanities Tennessee, Parnassus Books, the Nashville Public Library, and the children’s theatre — four of the best things about Nashville.

Here’s the info. Will I see you there?

[Note: The above photo was taken from my 2011 interview with Carson.]

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  1. What a glorious evening, Jules. I hope it was wonderful.

  2. Hey fellow music lover – I wanted to leave a recommendation for you. Kacy and Clayton, a couple of young kids who sound like they’re a hundred years old… in a very good way. Ok I suck at describing music ha ha. It’s a little like the Nebraska album if Bruce Springsteen was a girl with a divine voice singing old folk songs. Live recording free download here:
    Would be interested to hear if others love them as much as I do!

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