One Antarctic Adventure Before Breakfast

h1 October 9th, 2012 by jules

Today, I’ve got the sleek, slick, eye-catching artwork of Canadian illustrator and designer Frank Viva to grace 7-Imp. I should probably note that I’ve got manuscript revisions givin’ me the skunk eye of scorn—kinda like mouse over here—reminding me I should be focusing on them instead, so short posts may be the name of the game for a while here. (Well, short for me.)

Viva’s new book is called A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse (September 2012), and it’s one of those fantastic TOON Books/easy-to-read comics, which I’ve written about (most recently) here at Kirkus. This is a level-one book, meaning it’s for the newest of readers.

What we have here is the tale of a young explorer and his sidekick, Mouse. The two travelers visit the beautiful Antarctic to see the sights, ride the waves in their boat, meet some penguins, and see a whale. Mouse is anxious to get home—“can we go home now?” is his repeated refrain—since the waves make it hard to do much and, based on his appearance, he’s generally anxious and ready to be back on terra firma. The final endpaper punch line, however, gives readers the rimshot ending: “Can we go back there soon?” Mouse asks. (Isn’t that the way with children on many road trip adventures?)

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Viva sets up a series of lists for young readers, which provide a pleasing rhythm to the book and opportunity for predictions, in which new readers actively engage, whether they realize it or not. “It is COLD out there, Mouse,” the boy says, for instance, to which Mouse replies: “Then you will need…boots…mittens…a hat…a scarf…and a snowsuit! Can we go home now?”

An author’s note states that Viva, whom you may remember from last year’s stand-out Along a Long Road, based this book on his experiences aboard a Russian research vessel during a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula — where he himself got sick, saw penguins and whales, and—ooh! ooh!—even “swam in the thermal waters of a submerged volcano.” He also notes this book, compared to the real-life adventure, was “much easier on his tummy.” Here he is below (ginormous yellow coat), followed by a picture of one of his whale encounters. Gorgeous, huh?

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It’s the stylized, retro art in A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse that steals the show. Here’s where, instead of trying to describe it, I show you a spread or two. That manuscript, after all, calls my name.


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A TRIP TO THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD WITH MOUSE. Copyright © 2012 by Frank Viva. Published by TOON Books, an imprint of Candlewick Press. All art and images reproduced by permission of the publisher.

10 comments to “One Antarctic Adventure Before Breakfast”

  1. oh wow imagine being that close to a whale in the wild!! Beautiful illustrations too, must check this book out!

  2. Can’t wait to see it! I’m in love with that mouse!

  3. You know my obsession with true easy readers? I think this one might fit the bill! Just requested it from the library- can’t wait to see it!

  4. Lemme know what you think, Stacey. I think those TOON Books folks do it up so well. Such great books. There’s another new TOON book I’ll be posting about soon-ish.

  5. Jeez, what a beautiful book (and fun story)! I love the color palette, just gorgeous.

  6. I’m an avid reader of your blog, though I keep quiet most of the time 🙂 I love and admire the style of this book so much, I can’t wait to see more.
    Good luck with your manuscript!

  7. One of my favorite trips was on the National Geographic ship to Antarctica. (And though those waves mouse is going over look exaggerated–but it’s exactly what Drake’s Passage feeks like. Dramamine doesn’t stand a chance.)

    Love mouse’s half-curious/half-aghast expression. ha!

    Gonna get this one!

  8. I really like how the book concludes with Mouse’s comment about “Can we go back there soon?” because many children are familiar with this phrase. It allows children to relate to Mouse and in a way, see how their life is similar to a fictional, character’s life. Reading a book about a mouse’s adventure captures the young reader’s attention because it allows them to flee from any stressors in their life while jumping into a story that is centered around an animal and their experiences that they go through.

  9. I love Viva’s artwork! This title is a must read for me. I couldn’t agree more about the books from TOON. Hope all is going well with the manuscript. I know the book is going to be fantastic.

  10. […] I requested it from the library only because I had heard about it from my much trusted friend Jules. She has never steered me wrong and her record […]

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