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h1 October 30th, 2012 by jules

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  1. I almost believed it!!
    Your posts are always awsome. I’m a childrens book illustrator, so I read your posts everyday.. When You’re not posting I red some old ones.. the illustrators you have there are always great to admire.

  2. I completely understand! Good luck with the manuscript!

  3. Hi Jules! Hilarious!
    Here’s what we’re reading in our family:
    H (12) The Outsiders
    Z (11) Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey
    B (8) The Penderwicks on Gardam Street … she told me last night she wants to be an astrophysicist like Iantha!!
    Me (47) The Graveyard Book. I wish I could say I love this book because, well, I guess I should…but I’m having a difficult time getting into it.

    Good luck on your manuscript reviews!

  4. me again Jules,
    I just read your comment from #303 with Patrick McDonnell and I mentioned The Graveyard Book there too. Now that I see your response I’m going to finish reading this with different eyes…Thanks!


  5. Hi, Alexandre — and thanks!

    Hi, Phil!

    Lori: Actually, I worried about my response! I don’t want to give away the ending in any kind of way at all (I found out the other day that a friend was reading J.K. Rowling’s new book for adults, and just me saying “I heard it got mixed reviews” totally changed her reading of it — DOH! Just, Jules!), but just … I dunno … have tissues ready!

    I really want to read The Penderwicks to my girls. Thanks for the reminder. After these revisions are done, maybe that’s what we can start next. … Does your daughter like The Outsiders?

  6. Ahaha! Manos!

    Have a lovely week.

  7. Hey Jules…no worries! You didn’t ruin anything. Just gave me the steam to finish.
    Penderwicks? Wow, B’s 8 and read them twice already! We’ve also listened to them on audio a bazillion times as a family and so, yes, she LOVES these books (I love em too!).
    The Outsiders…Ranks up there as one of H’s top 3 favs!


  8. Books in progress at our house include:
    Between Shades of Grey
    Hunger Games
    Who Could that be at this Hour
    Treasure Island

  9. I first heard about Hello! Hello! from you and will look forward to your post next week about Matt Cordell.

  10. sorry I saw this so late! Hope revisions are still going well. We are reading:
    The Quiet Place
    Saturday Night at the Dinasaur Stomp
    Bone Dog

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