Some Very Possible Sketches & Studies & Art Before Breakfast: Amy Hest’s and Lauren Castillo’s The Reader

h1 November 14th, 2012 by jules

“Up and up he climbs, tilting in the wind, pulling in the blowing snow.”
(Sketch and final spread; click second image to enlarge)

Last week over at Kirkus, I wrote about Amy Hest’s newest picture book, The Reader, illustrated by Lauren Castillo. If you missed it and want to know more about this beautiful book, you can head on over to that link. Today, I’m following up with some art from the book, as well as early sketches and studies from Lauren.


Early sketchbooks
(Click first one to enlarge)

In-progress dummy
(Click to enlarge)

Character studies
(Click to enlarge)

Character roughs
(Click to enlarge)

Color studies

Final spread: “…and a long red sled with a long, loopy rope
for pulling through deep snow.”

(Click to enlarge)

Final spread: “He is good at waiting. The reader comes slowly, pulling his sled across the world. It is hard work, but he is good at working hard.”
(Click to enlarge)

Sketch and final spread: “And then he is there, at the top of the world.”
(Click second image to enlarge)

Final spread: “‘Here I am!’ says the reader to the dog. They make angels …
snowballs … more angels … and a snow dog for the dog.”

(Click to enlarge)

Final spread: “A book. The very best book. ‘Two Good Friends,’ says the reader to the dog, and he opens the book to the very first page. The dog waits. It is hard,
but he is good at waiting. And then at last the reader reads.”

(Click to enlarge)

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THE READER. Copyright © 2012 by Amy Hest. Illustrations copyright © 2012 by Lauren Castillo. Published by Amazon Children’s Publishing. All images here reproduced by permission of Lauren Castillo.

10 comments to “Some Very Possible Sketches & Studies & Art Before Breakfast: Amy Hest’s and Lauren Castillo’s The Reader

  1. I love LOVE love Lauren’s studies, especially the early sketches and character roughs. Really wonderful to see the process and thinking that goes into such lovely – and seemingly simple – artwork.

  2. What exquisite, charming sketches and finishes. Thanks for sharing it all!

  3. superb, love the color and gentleness underlying the action, and her line quality..

  4. Wow, sweet post! I love Lauren’s drawings and sketches alike. She’s really managed to retain the vigor of the sketches in her finals here. I need to hunt this one down quick!

  5. Love love love the character studies — and those red boots and the dog in the final spread. Adorable!!

  6. I love it when you post sketches for finished art. These are lovely and I especially like seeing her sketchbook. And…the final spread for Here I am…LOVE!

  7. Process…process…process…FANTASTIC look into the inner workings of a picture book. Congrats to Lauren and thanks for sharing Jules!

  8. Lovely! Must find this book…

  9. It looks lovely, and a perfect christmas present for my learning-to-read daughter….I love your blog, on of the best for kids lit. How do I follow? Thanks!

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