Celebrate the Life of One of Children’s
Literature’s Luminaries: A Peter Sieruta Event

h1 May 24th, 2013 by jules

It was one year ago at this time that, sadly, Peter D. Sieruta passed away. For those of you who knew Peter and plan to attend this summer’s annual conference of the American Library Association in Chicago, please note the following information and join us on June 28th, if you can.

What: Celebrate the Life of One of Children’s Literature’s Luminaries: A Peter Sieruta Event
When: Friday, June 28th, 4:30 p.m.
Where: The Lake Erie Room at the Hilton Chicago

How did you best know Peter Sieruta? Was it through his remarkable blog, Collecting Children’s Books (a go-to site for wit and historical tidbits)? Was it from his countless Horn Book articles or his work on the Horn Book Guide? Maybe you met Peter in a bookstore or you were a close personal friend.

Whatever the case, come, mix, and mingle with other friends and fans of the often urbane, always scintillating fellow. This event will be held as a celebration of Peter and his book (co-written with myself and Betsy Bird), Wild Things: Acts of Mischief in Children’s Literature, slated to hit bookstore shelves in spring 2014.

Please RSVP to Fusenumber8 [at] gmail.com if you would like to attend this gathering.

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Note: The above photo is an older one of Peter and is used with permission of John Sieruta.

8 comments to “Celebrate the Life of One of Children’s
Literature’s Luminaries: A Peter Sieruta Event”

  1. I wish I could join you for this! Hoist one for me! xo Amy

  2. Will do, Amy.

  3. Peter Sieruta was a beloved Betty MacDonald fan club member and we miss his brilliant comments and thoughts very much.
    Peter Sieruta was a very good friend of Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel.

  4. I truly wish I could be there. Peter will be in my thoughts on the 28th.

  5. oh, there are many reasons I am sad that I cannot attend this summer’s Annual Conference, but this one tops the list 🙁
    everyone, give a laugh and a toast to Peter for me and a hug to John. Sorry to miss you. XO

  6. My thoughts are with his loved ones.

  7. I am so sad that I won’t be able to attend this wonderful event to celebrate our friend Peter’s life and accomplishments. I went to grade school with Peter and reconnected with him a few years before he passed away. I still feel cheated that I missed all the years in between and had him in my life for such a short time after we reconnected. I miss our chats. I miss him……

  8. I’m too far away — South Korea — but anyone that can make it should attend. A celebration of Peter’s life is something I wish with my whole heart that I could be there for. Although I never met him, I consider him one of my greatest teachers.

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