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After this post here at 7-Imp last year, I ended up getting a very early copy of Aaron Becker’s debut picture book, Journey. I loved it so much that one morning I, no kidding, called an emergency picture book coffee-shop meeting with two friends who love picture books as much as I do, ’cause I just had to show them this book. We sat over our cups of strong coffee and ooh’ed and aah’ed a lot.

The book’s finally out, and I chat with Aaron about it over at Kirkus this morning. That link is here.

Later (maybe next month), he’s going to come visit 7-Imp for a longer interview, filled with lots of art.

Until tomorrow …

3 comments to “Journey

  1. Looking forward to hearing more about JOURNEY. It’s breathtaking.

  2. All the peeks I’ve seen of this book look incredible. I can’t wait to see more of Aaron’s work!

  3. Just got this book.
    It is so beautiful!

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