7-Imp Turns 7 Years Old …

h1 August 25th, 2013 by jules

Honest to Pete, every single year, when September thinks about rolling around, I very nearly forget that August marks the birthday of this blog, started back in 2006 with my best friend, Eisha, though I’ve been blogging solo for years now. And it’s happened once again this year, but I’ve caught it in time. And on its SEVENTH birthday! And since seven is kind of a special number around here, I thought I’d mark it with seven candles.

I still love blogging. I really love art. And I am kinda crazy about picture books. As always, I thank 7-Imp readers, as well as all the authors and illustrators who visit here to talk about their work and techniques and illustrations and thoughts — and who share lots and lots of art here.

Also, it’s only taken me nearly a year, but finally up in one of the headers of this blog is the Mad Tea Party image created specifically for 7-Imp by artist Susan Sorrell Hill. It’s here. Doesn’t it look lovely? Thanks again to Susan for that special gift.

The blog needs updating (for one, I’d love the header to say “a blog about picture books”); some pages need re-organization; and, quite possibly, 7-Imp even needs a new look. But in this day and age of busy social media (more people leave comments anymore at posts about blog posts at social media sites than they do at the actual blogs themselves), I figure it might be a small miracle that 7-Imp is even still around. And, I hope, still relevant. I’m grateful that I still have the opportunity to blog-as-a-hobby about picture books and illustration, which I love. And I’m grateful for the friends and opportunities this blog has brought to my life.

So, here’s to seven more years.

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  1. Happy Blog Birthday!

  2. Seven years…is that all???
    I thought surely Seven Impossible Things had been around for at least a dozen… This blog has become part of my birds-eye-view of the children’s book publishing world, my direct Go To for what’s happening and who’s happening…all reported beautifully with evident love and more than a dash of intelligence and humor. Both much appreciated. Your new page header with my Mad Tea Party painting looks gorgeous too–thank you once again for featuring my work here. Anniversary Congratulations Jules, well done you!! 🙂

  3. Oh, forgot to say…a special Thank You! to your technically proficient husband for the brains behind my Mad Tea Party header feature here… 🙂

  4. True – blogs are having a tough time competing with the soundbite centered world of today’s social media.. but this blog is a touch stone of children’s publishing. It’s been a happy place to come to for me and many others for the last seven years. Hurray for Seven Impossible Things!

  5. Oh, yes, he gets big thanks for that, Susan. I have no idea how to do that.

    And thanks for the kind words, you all.

  6. Happy Blog Birthday!!

    I second what Kelly said — 7-Imp is a touchstone of children’s publishing, a tremendous resource, meeting ground, and overall happy-making place for those who love picture books and contemporary illustration. Can’t imagine the kidlitosphere without it.

    Sending 7 donuts, 7 peanut butter pies, 7 Guinness cakes, at least 700 cups of coffee, and 7 skerjillion hugs. Thanks for all you do!!

    This just in: a new indie movie is being made about 7-Imp and all the wild people who have visited. Sam Phillips will make a cameo appearance with you on piano.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday, Jules. I ♥ this blog. Seven more sounds good to me.

  8. I’ve been following your blog from the beginning (don’t even remember how I first found it !) Still look forward to it every day and your very knowledgeable and endearing voice. So thanks for really opening up the world of writers and illustrators of such an important resource !!!

  9. Happy blog anniversary! Lucky 7. I love it here. 🙂

  10. Gosh, happy blogerversary – you’re one of the reasons we got started, as we often tell you – and I daresay you’re definitely still relevant and fresh and helping boost our appreciation of art and artists and giving the young-and-coming illustrators a sort of handbook on how it’s done. Kudos.

  11. Happy Blog Birthday! Still relevant, each and every day. Thank you for doing what you do.

  12. Congrats! It’s been fun to watch after all these years!

  13. A very happy birthday to one of my favourite blogs!
    (And many more…..)

  14. Happy Birthday! Here’s to the next 7…

  15. Happy Birthday! Seven Imp does not look in need of a revamp to me. Honestly, in this day and age of constantly updated blogs (and web content), I appreciate the consistent, simple look of this blog and your focus on content.

  16. Happy happy blog birthday! Love this place so much! I started as a lurker for a long time, enjoying the posts and all the camaraderie on the Sunday kicks. Now my Sundays aren’t complete without stopping by to see the art and what everyone else has been up to.

    Jules – you’ve created such a positive place online, and share such talented writers and artists! Here’s to many more years!

  17. Happy anniversary, Jules! I also can’t remember how I found this blog many years ago, but it is the best place on the internet for cool picture book information. And I love all the visitors for kicks each week too. Thanks for all the hard work you put in!

    I love that new header too!

  18. Indeed! To 7 more joyously illustrated years (at least!)

  19. This blog is a treasure trove and I thank you for it. I check it just about everyday and don’t show you nearly as much appreciation as you deseve! Thankyou for introducing us to so many fantastic illustrators and tbeir works! Lisaimp

  20. Happy blog birthday! I’m so, so glad you’re here!

  21. Thanks for all you do, Jules! 7-Imp is a treasure. And so are you!

  22. Happy 7th birthday, 7Imp! This calls for cake. I’m happy you continue to blog, Jules. It’s thanks to this blog that we became friends, and for that, I am even more thankful than all of the literary and artistic treasures you’ve shared here over the past seven years.

  23. This is your birthday song! It isn’t very long! But yay!

  24. congratulations! and I hope you will continue to be around for many more. I love the interviews, the breakfasts, you host so many great and wonderful people and things here!

    Coming to this blog is one of my favorite parts of my week (or many times *day*!) I love it an hope it’s around for a long, long time! Congrats.

  26. Happy Blog Birthday — here’s to seven more years!

  27. Happy 7th birthday to 7-Imp! The kidlitosphere would not be the same without you.

  28. Happy blogday! Such a great blog and asset to everything children’s books.

  29. Here’s to seven more years for sure! Love your blog. I check it every day!

  30. Yay for 7-Imp. Happy happy birthday to you and your wonder-bloggy, Jules!

  31. Cheers! Congratulations on 7 years! Thank you for all that you do for us illustrators/picture book lovers. You’ve created something wonderful and I can’t imagine my morning coffee without it!

  32. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words!

  33. Happy Birthday! And thank you for keeping going all these years. Congrats!!

  34. Happy Birthday! Raising a virtual glass of your favorite beverage (whatever that may be) in celebration. 🙂

  35. Love your blog! Congratulations!

  36. Love the blog. Love picture books. I find it an invaluable resource and always eagerly read what you’ve written. Thanks!

  37. As a bookseller (in Australia) and illustration lover, this is a most enjoyable website and an invaluable resource.

  38. I saved the RSS email to make sure I stopped by to say HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!! Now, I’m late! So, I hope it was a momentous occasion!!! I love seeing your posts in my in-box! 🙂 e

  39. Thanks again, everyone!

  40. A belated Happy Blithday! Blogirthday? And a 7-clap ovation for 7 years! Clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-clap!

  41. I’m late, I’m late to a very important date! Congratulations on 7 years for 7 Imps!

  42. Congratulations, Jules! I always look forward to reading this blog. It is a treat… like coffee and a good book.

  43. Belated, yet heartfelt: HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more!!

  44. Yay for 7-Imp. Happy happy birthday to you and your wonder-bloggy, Jules!

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