With a Mighty Hand

h1 October 3rd, 2013 by jules

This morning over at Kirkus, I chat with Asheville artist Daniel Nevins about creating the artwork for Amy Ehrlich’s With a Mighty Hand (Candlewick, August 2013), which consists of Ehrlich’s adaptation of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, told as a single narrative. Sub-titled The Story in the Torah, it’s one of the most beautifully designed books I’ve seen this year.

That link is here, and next week here at 7-Imp I’ll have a bit of art from it.

Until tomorrow …

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Photo of Daniel Nevins used with his permission.

5 comments to “With a Mighty Hand

  1. I’m curious what you think of Daniel Nevins’ Old Testament illustrations compared to those done by Barry Moser (Viking Studio 1999 (member of Penguin Putnam, Inc.). It would be very interesting to view or read a joint interview of these two very different artists on Bible illustration.

    On a light note, I don’t think Mr. Moser gave Adam and Eve belly buttons either. 🙂

  2. I’m aware of that book, but I’ve yet to see it, Adrienne. I’ll have to find a copy.

  3. Wow, THIS looks kind of epic and amazing. I do like the iconography aspect of his artwork.

    Once again, this is one of those types of books I’d get for myself, rather than for a kid.

    I am beginning to see an alarming trend, here…

  4. Here are a couple of links for the Barry Moser Bible:

    http://www.rmichelson.com/Artist_Pages/Moser/Bible.htm (R. Michaelson Galleries)

    on Amazon:

  5. I will be verrrrrrry interested to see this!!

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