What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week

h1 November 1st, 2013 by jules

Yesterday at Kirkus, I chatted with Mr. Moonbot himself, William Joyce, pictured here. He is up to all kinds of mischief—or at least cataloging it—in his new picture book, The Mischievians.

And he is very serious about his work, as you will read.

That chat is here.

* * *

Today, I’ve got some thoughts on an exceptional new board book from designer and illustrator Yusuke Yonezu. It’s called We Love Each Other.

I don’t title my own columns over there, but the editor who did gave this one just the right name: Comfort and Warmth in Shapes.

That is here.

Next week here at 7-Imp, I’ll have art from both books.

Until Sunday …

* * * * * * *

Photo of William Joyce by Tony Reans and used with permission.

4 comments to “What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week”

  1. Now I want to get my hands on We Love Each Other. That looks like my kind of board book.

  2. I always think of you when I see good board books, Adrienne (given that you blog about them).

  3. Jules, I don’t know if you’ll see what I posted on the Kirkus site, so I figured I’d comment here, too:

    Jules, I’m so glad I discovered you (with my recent upping of social media activity) because I’m enjoying your posts SO much! I’m discovering older ones, too, like this one with THE masterful William Joyce. This man has such astounding talent, I own quite a few of his books. My absolute favorite is the amazing THE FANTASTIC FLYING BOOKS OF MR. MORRIS LESSMORE. This blew me away the first time I saw it and I purchased it IMMEDIATELY! I had NO choice! Then, right after that, I discovered the award-winning documentary based on that book. You HAVE to see it (if you haven’t already!):


    Thanks for your reviews 😀

  4. Hi, Donna Marie! Yes, I’ve seen that wonderful short film.

    Glad you’re enjoying the posts!

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