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“‘This peaceful life suits me just fine,’ Widow Jones would say, while she and her ranch hands drank tea and gazed at the summer sky. But it didn’t stay peaceful very long.”


I chatted over at Kirkus last week with author Anne Isaacs, but back here at 7-Imp, I just gotta share some art from the book she and I discussed. It’s her newest picture book, called Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Schwartz & Wade, February 2014), and it’s illustrated by Kevin Hawkes.

Here’s the Q&A if you want more info on the book itself, and here below is a bit more art.


“On the Fourth of July 1870, the widow Tulip Jones of Greater Bore, England,
inherited thirty-five million dollars and a ranch at By-Golly Gully, Texas.
She moved there at once. …”

(Click to enlarge spread and read the full text)

“…’A tortoise can do whatever a horse can, only better!’ declared Tulip Jones proudly. She ordered saddles and reins and rode her pets all over the prairie.”
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“For word spread as fast as prairie wind that a widow with thirty-five million dollars had settled on By-Golly Ranch. Soon every unmarried man in Texas hoped to marry
Tulip Jones—and in 1870, every man in Texas
was unmarried. …”
(Click to enlarge spread and read the full text)

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MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH. Copyright © 2014 by Anne Isaacs. Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Kevin Hawkes. Published by Schwartz & Wade, New York. All images here reproduced by permission of the publisher.

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  1. Super cute!

  2. There is no way not to love these illustrations! Sounds like a wonderful book 🙂

  3. Trinka Hakes Noble wrote “Meanwhile Back At the Ranch” as well. I have used this version with third grade students for a writing activity.

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