Never Read a Funny Email When Drinking Hot Coffee …

h1 May 7th, 2014 by jules

Speaking of BookPage, as I did just yesterday, my review of Shaun Tan’s The Rules of Summer (Scholastic, April 2014) happens to be up. It is here. And I’m not even going to do a follow-up post with art, because the fine folks at BookPage included some spreads in the review. I love it when they do that.

You’ll also notice that they have chosen the book as a Children’s Top Pick.

Until tomorrow …

(NOTE: My post title is because Shaun Tan’s new book is full of rules, most beginning with “never,” and I just read an email from author-illustrator Zachariah OHora, in which I told him that, sadly, I will not be at next weekend’s wonderful children’s book festival in Knoxville, which I attend annually but I have a wedding and a graduation to go to this year instead, and he will be there and I will miss meeting him in person and he responded with “WHAT THE HENKES?” and then my coffee nearly got snorted up my nose from laughing ’cause I guess I’m easily amused when it comes to children’s lit jokes and I wasn’t sure what to name this post so I went with that and this is the longest run-on sentence ever in the history of the blog, I bet, and I’m waaaay off the point. Read Shaun Tan’s book. It’s rather brilliant.)

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  1. Ha! I’m totally using What the Henkes from now on.

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