7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #390: Featuring E. H. Shepard

h1 July 13th, 2014 by jules

Good morning, all. The illustrator to be featured in today’s post (E. H. Shepard is just filling in) needed a bit more time to get her work and thoughts together, and I said, hey, I’m a busy lady myself these days, so take your time. And so the post is delayed, but I can tell you that when I do post the art of this talented illustrator, you’re in for a treat.

I’m not without content, though, because as I’ve already mentioned a couple times here at 7-Imp, over at a new site (called Wild Things!), my co-author and I are sharing stories that were cut from our upcoming book, Wild Things! Acts of Mischief in Children’s Literature — stories, that is, that didn’t make it to publication, on account of length.

And I have to say: It’s been a lot of fun to share the stories. Yesterday (here), we had some stories related to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and today we have some stories related to the Winnie-the-Pooh books. The story, in fact, about the real Christopher Robin, a.k.a. Billy Moon, always breaks my heart, especially the ending and his ability to come to terms with his fame. (“[T]o my surprise and pleasure, I found myself standing beside them in the sunshine able to look them both in the eye.” Oof. Gets me every time.)

So, I’m so sorry I don’t have art for you today (other than a bit of E.H. Shepard), but I can certainly point you to that post over at Wild Things!

* * * * * * *

Note for any new readers: 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you. New kickers are always welcome.

* * * Jules’ Kicks * * *

1) The abiding generosity of Jama (and Mr. Jama).

2) I get to meet Jama in person (for the first time ever) in a few weeks! I’m inordinately excited about this.

3) This profile of Dahlov Ipcar was neat to read.

4) I’ve been prepping for this presentation, which I enjoy doing every July in Knoxville.

5) As a ginormous SNL fan, words cannot possibly express how happy this made me to see this week:

6) I already said this, but it’s been really fun to share cut stories from our book at the new site.

7) Showing Planet of the Apes (the original film, that is) to the girls. (I’m a big fan — of those original movies and my girls.)

What are YOUR kicks this week?

13 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #390: Featuring E. H. Shepard”

  1. OMG! I made kicks #1 and #2. I love the “Mr. Jama.” 🙂 We are BOTH crazy excited about meeting you too (as is Mr. Cornelius)!!

    I’m also a Planet of the Apes fan. Love Zira and Cornelius. And you can chop my broccoli anytime.

    1. Enjoying the interesting Wild Things! cut stories. Can’t wait to read the book!

    2. Three foxes in the back yard.

    3. Eileen Spinelli’s Summerhouse Time. Plus, Eileen Spinelli in general. Love her.

    4. Nostalgic moment hearing the Beachboys’ “Don’t Worry Baby” in Whole Foods (I should have been a background singer in that track.)

    5. Jim Parsons’s Emmy nomination. Though his character Sheldon on Big Bang is way way way smarter than me, we are alike personality-wise (did you see his Mickey Mouse hands?).

    6. Piano music and indie film stars.

    7. The sheer pleasure and anticipation of getting to meet an online friend in person after reading her blog for 7 years.

    Happy Sunday, all! Stay cool and eat watermelon.

  2. Well Jules I am so excited for you! You get to meet the Jama family including Cornelius. I know a good time will be had by all. And I suspect food might be involved.
    I am really enjoying your website for Wild. All these stories add to the pure enjoyment of children’s literature.

    Jama: Meeting a virtual friend in real life is awesome with a capital A . I felt so fortunate to meet Jules at ALA last June. Three foxes is a miracle. I would have stopped breathing.

    My kicks:
    1. Rain
    2. Sunshine
    3. Perennial flowers the deer don’t eat
    4. Generous authors and illustrators
    5. Having people you respect admire your work
    6. Watching Xena sleep
    7. Walking with Xena

    Have a great week all.

  3. Jama, I’m now imagining you in the Whole Foods aisle, dancing a little to the music as you shop. … I am stealing your last kick (but I say it in regards to you). …And I have to take back my last kick: I LOVE those movies, but the 8-year-old got scared by them and slept fitfully all night. This means the rest of us did too. We had thought and thought about what, if anything, might scare her, and it’s rated G, so we thought we were fine. She found the whole movie “creepy,” but she can’t get out of her head the image of the one female on their ship who died from the air crack before the ship even crashed. Oy.

    Margie, I’m one of those people in your kick #5. I was visiting your blog again this week, thinking how GOOD your reviews are. … So glad we met, even if briefly, last June too!

  4. I love the new site Wild Things! As someone who loves that back stories, the tidbits behind the works I love reading these posts. Especially the recent James Marshall post which as you know from my FB comment has a special place in my heart.
    Jules, getting to meet our online line friends is special. Have fun with Jama and Mr. Jama. Moira and I were supposed to meet today but my shoulder is giving me grief(torn rotator cuff) so I am lying low.
    Jama, I would love to see foxesamd Jim Parsons; he’s the best.
    Margie, what are the perennials that deer won’t eat? I love your kick #5.
    My Kicks:
    1. While not what it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, know that I have a torn rotator cuff and that there’s a solution in sight helps. I should have surgery this week or next.
    2. Friends.
    3. Grandgirl’s questions: “Why don’t you get goosebumps on your feet?”
    4. Reading great books.
    5. Raspberries.
    6. Poetry swap.
    7. Naps.
    Have a great week.

  5. Good morning, Imps.

    A dear family member is very ill. Please send her healing thoughts.

    Jama and Jules: I hope (I know) you’ll have a wonderful time!

    Jama: Say hello to the foxes for me. Yay for singing in the grocery store.

    Jules: Good luck with your July presentation.

    Margie: Hugs to Xena…and even the snacking deer.

    Jone: May the surgery be successful. Rest up.

    Kicks this week include seeing a movie I’m in on the big screen and starting rehearsals for the next project. But right now just wishing so much I could do something to make my relative better and wishing I were there to help.

  6. So sorry to hear about your sick relative, LW. Sending prayers and healing thoughts. And big congrats for appearing on the big screen!!

    Good luck with your surgery, Jone. Hope it goes smoothly and you recover quickly.

    Margie, I’m one of those people in #5 too. I was instantly wowed upon first reading one of your reviews awhile ago — they are so perceptive and beautifully written. Enjoyed your recent roundup of funny books at the Nerdy Book Club. 🙂

    J, sorry to hear your daughter found that scene disturbing. I guess you just never know what might affect a sensitive child in the wrong way. I can see how those movies could be considered “creepy.”

  7. Okay so Tuesday is National Children’s Book Day in the Philippines and there’s gonna be a children’s book fair and it’s my first project as Chair of the Philippine Board on Books for Young People and I’m nervous and excited and I’m rambling. (Super busy! I miss sleep!) Hopefully I can kick regularly again after all this. Love you guys. /collapses

  8. Jone, ouch! So sorry to hear about your shoulder … Hope you’re feeling better soon and that the surgery goes well.

    Little Willow: I’m so sorry to hear that. I send healing thoughts, indeed.

    Jama, Ada will be okay. She is sensitive about these things. And I got a nap in the middle of the day, so that helped. (She had to sleep next to me last night, and she slept very restlessly, so I did too.)

    Tarie: Your final project? WOW. That whole Chair gig seems like it flew right by. Congrats! Get sleep, if you can! Hope Tuesday goes GREAT.

  9. Love the idea of sharing cut bits of your book on a website, Jules. It must be satisfying not wasting the research too!

    Enjoy meeting each other, Jules and Jama! Jealous! Please report back 🙂

    Best wishes for the surgery, Jone. The other kicks you report should speed along your recovery, I’m thinking.

    Good luck, Tarie!

    Some quick kicks:

    1. I saw some gorgeous King Parrots in my backyard for the first time – I’ve seen them elsewhere as they’re not that uncommon, but seeing them in your own yard is something else
    2. Last minute banana cake to use up some overripe bananas
    3. Caught up with a friend & her family including new baby
    4. It’s winter and thus berry season in these parts so very cheap and yummy strawberries are everywhere, and even the blueberries are bit more affordable, yum

  10. My FIRST project! 😀

  11. Emmaco, I wish we could all come over for cake. Yes, I invited us over.

    I’ll be sure to get pics with Jama!

    Your FIRST project, Tarie. GAH! SORRY! No wonder it seemed to fly by. I. need. more. coffee.

  12. Oh, thank you Jules. Your kind words mean a great deal to me.

    Jone: So far they have left my iris, butterfly milkweed, daisies, and black-eyed susans alone. They are eating more this year than ever–hollyhocks, phlox, tomato plants, petunias, and of course hostas.

    Jama: Thank you for reading my reviews and the Nerdy Book Club post. I am thrilled it was so well received.

    Tarie: Best of luck

    Emmaco: I looked up King Parrots. I would be over the moon to see them in real life.

  13. Margie if you happen to be in Queensland let me know and I’ll take you birdwatching 🙂

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