7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #402: Featuring David Mackintosh

h1 October 19th, 2014 by jules

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Happy Sunday, all …

Right here over at BookPage, I reviewed Lucky from British designer and illustrator David Mackintosh, released by Abrams this month. Below, I’ve got some art from it, ’cause you know we just GOTTA take a peek inside the pages.

(Click second image to see spread in its entirety)


(Click second image to see spread in its entirety)


“Leo says, In Hawaii, you drive around in golf carts and have spending money and drinks with fruit in them. And … There are erupting volcanoes there, with rivers of boiling lava and clouds of rotten-egg gas. Plus … To protect against volcanoes and falling coconuts, people wear grass skirts and flower necklaces and strum tiny guitars called ukuleles.”
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LUCKY. Copyright © 2014 by David Mackintosh. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, Abrams Books for Young Readers, New York.

Note for any new readers: 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you. New kickers are always welcome.

* * * Jules’ Kicks * * *

1) Well, I saw Shakey Graves live on Thursday night, and it was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. Next day’s slight hearing loss was even worth it. (We were standing RIGHT in front of the amazing drummer and right next to a huge amp.)

2) Some necessary Spring cleaning in Autumn.

3) Just now reading some totally weird and wonderful picture books, old and new, to my girls.

4) Sleeping in.

5) Discovering that Nashville’s Fido has a fabulous dinner menu. Though this is where we have our Nashville Kidlit Drink Night monthly, I’d never ordered dinner there till the other night. Yum.

6) Lattes with honey and cinnamon.

7) Hear hear for unpredictable and dangerous and exciting encounters with stories! Read here.

What are YOUR kicks this week?

10 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #402: Featuring David Mackintosh”

  1. Love the illustrations! So, so fun. Then I went and read the review because I wanted to find out about the surmise. This is a must have book.
    Jules, I had to read the article for your number 7 kick. Love this: “They should be sunlight pouring down upon your head and being stored as energy until the day you need them.” I think spring cleaning in fall is great.
    My kicks:
    1. Leaves turning.
    2. Picasso quote bantering with a co-worker. “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”
    3. Watching grandgirl at her volleyball game.
    4. Continued recovery of my shoulder.
    5. Kinders checking out books for the first time.
    6. Family.
    7. Poetry.
    Have a great week.

  2. Jone, so glad you’re recovering! Good to hear. And I love your random Picasso quote banter.

  3. Oh, I love these illustrations.

  4. Wonderful illustrations!
    Jone and Jules – I went and read the article and love that same quote too!

    Jules – So happy to hear Shakey was so great! He comes to Portland in November and I am trying to get tickets. Spring cleaning in autumn must be catching, as its happening in my home too. And oh, sleeping in is so delicious.

    Jone – Yay for your shoulder recovery.And poetry and leaves turning.

    My kicks:
    1. Saw The Judge, and really loved it. Great cast, & RDJ and Robert Duvall are at the top of their game.
    2. Giants beat the Cardinals and go the World Series!
    3. Texting with a girlfriend in LA during the last baseball game to keep her current with the score (she was not near a tv.)
    4. Last minute Blazers tickets Friday night – fun way t kick off the weekend.
    5. Finished “Life After Life” by Kate Atkinson, interesting book, not totally sure yet how I feel about it, going to let it simmer.
    6. Midnight soccer game last night – we tied – hard fought game, and fun going for drinks afterwards.
    7. Starting a small book club with a friend who will be having surgery soon & so we are planning books in advance (suggestions welcome!)
    7.5 I still have Miss Daisy, matching a pup with a family is a bit like dating, I think. Happy to enjoy her funny sweet company longer, and confident we will find the right people for her eventually.

    Have a wonderful weekend and week!

  5. Good morning, Imps! Happy Sunday to you!

    That’s a mighty interesting elephant. Thanks for dropping by, David Mackintosh.

    When someone says to me, “I have a surprise,” I immediately say, “What is it?”

    Jules: Sleeping in, for me, is 8 AM. No – who am I kidding? Sleeping in, for me, is 7 AM. If I’m still asleep at 9 AM, I must be sick. Glad that you enjoyed the Shakey Graves gig. I know you were looking forward to it. May your ears recover soon.

    Jone and Jules: I wish the world utilized solar power more than it does. It would be amazing.

    Jone: Healing thoughts for you, and yay for the new library patrons!

    Rachel: I’m glad you & yours are trying to place Daisy with the perfect family.

    My kicks for the past week:
    1) Singing
    2) Costumes
    3) Auditions
    4) Consulting
    5) Sharing
    6) Accountability
    7) Feedback

  6. Jules, what is the surprise in Lucky? WHAT IS IT. And yummm to your sixth kick.


    1. Last week I was so sick that I had to be rushed to the emergency room. And I wasn’t allowed to drink coffee during my recovery period! I’m much better now, almost completely back to normal. Today, I finally had a cup of coffee again. It was gooood.

    2. Talking about cute boys and eating vegetarian hamburgers and sweet potato fries with one of my closest friends.

    3. Cute boys.

  7. Rachel, I want to see The Judge, And midnight soccer, how fun!
    LW, I love sharing and singing.
    Tarie, feel bette. Enjoy the cute boys.

  8. Aren’t they great, Wendy?

    Rachel, I reeeeally hope you get tickets. It was FABULOUS. Very loud. All guitars were plugged in. My husband wore ear plugs, actually (and still heard great). He is a really talented songwriter, and I hope and hope you snag some tickets. … Ooh, I wanna see The Judge too. We saw Gone Girl. It was Just Fine, I guess. … Good luck to Miss Daisy! I love the idea of a midnight soccer game. Your life is good.

    Little Willow: Still don’t know how you get by on such little sleep, but I’m impressed.

    Tarie: The surprise is pizza for dinner, but you still gotta see the ending and how the weird and wonderful family deal with it. I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE FEELING BETTER. (You all, I knew she had gone to the ER but didn’t think she’d want me telling the world.) If I could come bring you hot soup, I would.

  9. I hope I get lucky and can get a copy of Lucky. The artwork looks like great fun, Jules.

    Jules: I love Spring Cleaning any time of the year, weird and wonderful picture books and sleeping in. These are all golden moments.

    Jone: Kinders checking out books for the first time is pure joy. They get so excited you want to bottle it up.

    Rachel: Midnight soccer? Sounds fantastic!

    Little Willow: Yes to singing!

    Tarie: I am so glad you are feeling better. Take care.

    My kicks:
    1. Great graphic novels
    2. Amazing picture books
    3. Finished Rain Reign today; it’s beautiful.
    4. Walking in the woods with Xena today
    5. Good friends
    6. New teas to try
    7. Fresh flowers in the house

    Have a lovely week everyone.

  10. Margie: I saw your Facebook pics with Xena. BEAUTIFUL! … I haven’t heard of Rain Reign. Will have to look it up.

    Have a good week, all!

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