Halloween May Be Over, But …

h1 November 6th, 2014 by jules


… I still have some spine-tingling art to share here at 7-Imp today.

Last week, I chatted here with author James Preller over at Kirkus. We chatted about several things, including his Scary Tales series (Feiwel & Friends), which are illustrated by Iacopo Bruno.

Today, I’ve got some of Bruno’s art from the Scary Tale books. (Pictured above is an illustration from One-Eyed Doll, the newest in the series.)


Art from One-Eyed Doll (2014)



Art from Nightmareland (2014)



Art from Good Night, Zombie (2013)



Art from Home Sweet Horror (2013)



Art from I Scream, You Scream (2013)



* * * * * * *

All illustrations are published by permission of the publisher, Feiwel & Friends.

One comment to “Halloween May Be Over, But …”

  1. Iacopo is an incredible artist and I am so fortunate that he illustrates this series. He’s also done great & varied work on book covers. A major talent, IMO.

    As for Halloween, and “scary,” of course no one can keep those chills and jitters according to a calendar. I understand why scary is relagated to Halloween, but I believe it’s a year-round thing.

    Thank, Julie. Grateful for the spotlight (even though we do like the dark, damp places).

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