What I’m Doing at Kirkus Today, the Snowy Version

h1 December 26th, 2014 by jules


And what are your favorite picture books about snow? Today in my Kirkus column I’ve got two new ones, one pictured above.

That link is here.

See you Sunday, and happy holidays to all …

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3 comments to “What I’m Doing at Kirkus Today, the Snowy Version”

  1. My favorite, which I read to our kdg and first graders this month again, is David Christiana’s “The First Snow.” The Seasons and Mother Nature are drawn very nicely and the story is charming.

  2. I’ll have to look for that one, Katharine!

  3. Two favorite snow books I read to my students are “White Snow, Bright Snow” by Alvin Tresselt and “First Day of Winter” by Denise Fleming. Never miss a year reading them.

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