7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #430: Featuring Frank Viva (sorta)

h1 May 3rd, 2015 by jules

Dear kickers, I’m battling an ugly stomach bug this weekend, and since it’s best to be horizontal, I’ve got a short post today. I was going to feature the work of another illustrator, but I’ll have to do that later this week, since it was a much longer post.

I reviewed Frank Viva’s Outstanding in the Rain (Little, Brown, April 2015) over at BookPage (that is here), and I had planned on securing some of the beautiful spreads from the book to show you all. But again … you know, dastardly bug.

Instead, to keep things short so that I can lie back down, I’ll point you to these recent and quite wonderful posts at other places, posts all about the book — and with lots of art.

* Post at 32 Pages
* Post at Brain Pickings
* Write-up at the New York Times

Please do tell me: What are YOUR kicks this week?

7 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #430: Featuring Frank Viva (sorta)”

  1. Feel better soon!

  2. Feel better! Ugh! Not fun, Jules. My kicks are all about the weather, packing the house to sell (we’re downsizing), and finishing a month of writing poems everyday.
    Have a great week.

  3. I have this wonderful book on my stack, Jules. You’ve inspired me to move it to the top.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs to you.

    All my kicks are about the warmer weather, spring birds and flowers and walks with Xena. It’s been a lovely week.
    Best to all of you.

  4. Feel better soon, Jules! Rest up.

    Good morning, Imps!

    Jone: Good luck with the home sale and the poetry.

    My kicks from the past week:
    1) Super
    2) Start
    3) Stay
    4) Share
    5) Scene
    6) Seen
    7) Steady

  5. Feel better Jules!

    Jone – happy packing!

    Margie – hooray for nice weather and walks with Xena!

    LW – Love the S kicks! Especially Super – that is definitely a word that comes to mind when I think of you.

    My quick kicks – got my poetry postcard, sunshine, busy social Saturday (derby and the fight),, staying close to home today with Daisy and working in the garden in this beautiful sunshine.

    Happy Sunday everyone, have a great week!

  6. Oh no Jules! Feel better soon!

    Jone- An entire month of poems? Good for you!

    Margie- We are finally seeing spring here too. Isn’t it the best!

    Little Willow- Love all the S’s! From Stacey (another s!)

    Rachel- Loved the Derby this year- so exciting!

    Ok. Kicks.

    1. Gorgeous weather. Finally!
    2. Taking an in person writing class for the first time in ages and loving it. I have been so much on-line and am realizing how much I miss the in person contact.
    3. Our dog got the cutest haircut. Silly but true!
    4. Pink flowered trees against blue sky.
    5. Coffee.
    6. A snuggly cat.
    7. Reading The War That Saved My Life.

    Happy Week everyone!

  7. Sorry for my belated reply. Still not feeling so well.

    Thanks, mrs. b.

    Jone: We need to move to. You’re further ahead than we are.

    Margie, enjoy the read. Happy Spring!

    Those are some mighty alliterative kicks, LW. I add “shake” to that, the first thing I’ve eaten in nearly 48 hours, which I’m eating now.

    Rachel, hope you enjoyed your gardening. Sounds like a lovely week.

    Stacey, love your second kick. Also your last. My girls and I enjoyed that book. The author will be in Knoxville in a couple of weeks at a reading festival I’m going to.

    Have a good week, all.

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