The Return of Dory

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Final art:
“That night my brain keeps waking me up with so many questions.”


Above: Early sketch


Today, author-illustrator Abby Hanlon shares some final art and early sketches from Dory and the Real True Friend (Dial, July 2015), which she and I talked about last week here at Kirkus.

Enjoy the art. …


Some Final Art:


“… tomorrow is the first day of school!
I tell Mary the big news
while we are playing our favorite game, exercise club.”


“There is somebody at my table who is stuck in a shirt.”


“I played school with all the monsters today. I was the teacher!”


“Without Mr. Nuggy, I’m on my own. And now Mary is so jealous of Rosabelle,
she is having a fit.”

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“The next morning, I wake up early
because I need time to put on my outfit.”

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“During circle time, I have to wait forever and forever for my turn to speak.
Everyone in this class has something to say!
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“At lunch I can barely talk to Rosabelle
because George won’t stop talking about the hamster game.”

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“‘Is she real in the same way Mary is real?’ asks Violet.”


“‘I will free Mr. Nuggy if you can get me what I want.’
‘Yes, anything,’ I say.”


“Along the way, many animals stop to greet us.”


“I clear a path through the forest by chopping down
little trees and branches with Rosabelle’s sword.”

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“But with one ninja slash from me, and a squirt of lemon juice in the eye
from Rosabelle, Mrs. Gobble Gracker is blinded and her cape catches on fire.”

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“… And lose.”


Some Early Sketches:


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* * * * * * *

DORY AND THE REAL TRUE FRIEND. Copyright © 2015 by Abby Hanlon. Published by Dial Books for Young Readers, New York. All images here reproduced by permission of Abby Hanlon.

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One comment to “The Return of Dory”

  1. Adorable. As a former elementary art teacher I appreciate all of the back to school references. The children’s faces, while drawn simply, are extremely expressive. Abby Hanlon clearly understands children, their poses, personalities and dialogue. Congratulations on a book children and families will enjoy!

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