My Rambling Thoughts Well After Breakfast

h1 August 27th, 2015 by jules

Big thanks to Nick Patton for having me as a guest over at his place, The Picturebooking Podcast, this week.

He and I chat about blogging and why precisely those of us who do it do it, and we talk about 7-Imp and picture books.

AND lots of other stuff.

The link is here.

It was a pleasure to chat with him, and I appreciate the invitation to do so.

Until tomorrow …


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  1. I listened to this yesterday and took notes, then I found the Number 5 Bus interview and took notes…so many treasures in the exchanges with you and Nick and the Steads. Thankyou, Julie, for this blog I have been following for 6 years (I think), for all you have revealed and expressed…and for the music! Favorite bits from the number 5 bus interview: When Stead says “in books…in all art…I look for a moment of vulnerability. Vulnerability in the story (all art is story) and vulnerability in the art maker as well. When the art is too tightly controlled it is cynical and dead.” and when you quote the little boy in “The Night Gardener” by Jonathan Auxier to illustrate how children are courageous and resilient “Well, I am afraid…but I’m not afraid of being afraid. If that makes sense. True is stiill true, even if it’s s bad. That means I want to hear it”. Now I have to find me a Sam Phillips CD!

  2. Oh, thanks, Lisa!

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