Two Things Before Breakfast

h1 February 2nd, 2016 by jules

I’m gonna resort to my favorite, the rock-and-roll hands:

I’m Chicago-bound on Friday to talk about blogging at the Center for Teaching through Children’s Books at National Louis University. Since 7-Imp is 10 years old this year, I could talk all day but instead have one hour to fill. If you’re in Chicago and signed up for this, come say hi. Here’s the info.


Here At Kirkus, I’m looking at The Stories in Between and “informational literacy and historical thinking.” (If you read it, you’ll see this is take-two on the column that was up for just a little while on Friday.)


I’ll be back later this week. Happy reading!

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  1. I wish I could be there in Chicago to hear you speak Jules. Have a great time. I will head over to Kirkus later.

  2. I,too, wish I could be in Chicago to hear you! Enjoy! and congratulations on 10 years!!

  3. Thanks, Margie and Katy!

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