Some Witches Before Breakfast

h1 June 16th, 2016 by jules

“… They all breathe hard from the run. A little harder than usual, because of what is looming above them: the long staircase that leads to the parlor of Zia Pia,
fortune-teller and healer.”


Last week at Kirkus, I chatted here with John Bemelmans Marciano about his new series, illustrated by Sophie Blackall, The Witches of Benevento. I follow up today with some of Sophie’s art from the books.



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“The entire family knocks over dishes and chairs in a mad dash out of the house,
a swarm of bees in pursuit. …”

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“On stormy nights the Janara ride / To the walnut tree that sits beside / The Bridge of Ancient Ages. / Demons stoke the fires and bear witness / As the Witches fly off to do their mischiefs, / Sending people into rages.”
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Book Two’s map
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CLANK clank clank! goes the mighty sword.
Or rather,
tik tik tik goes the long, thick stick. Primo is just sayingclank clank clank.'”


“‘Look, we need to do something, Primo says …. ‘Forget hanging salt on the doorknobs and Zia Pia’s spells and potions. We need to take matters into our own hands!’
‘And how can we do that?’ Emilio says.
Primo’s answer: ‘Augurs.’ ‘Otters?’ Rosa says. …”


“‘Got one!’ Rosa shouts. She lifts her spear triumphantly.”


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The Walnut of Benevento by Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti
(from the website’s “Album of Inspiration” page)


From the website’s “The REAL Benevento” page


Sophie’s school-visit drawings
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Illustrations are copyright © 2016 by Sophie Blackall and used by her permission.

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