A Small Thing … but Big

h1 November 15th, 2016 by jules

“‘Do not be worried,’ said the old man of the dog timidly.
‘Does she bark?’ asked Lizzie with worry anyway.
‘Not at all little children,’ said the old man.”


I’ve got a BookPage review of Tony Johnston’s A Small Thing … but Big (Neal Porter/Roaring Brook, October 2016), illustrated by Hadley Hooper. That review is here, and today I’ve got some illustrations from the book.


“Lizzie froze.”
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“Walking with a dog.
A small thing, but big.”

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“‘She is a good dog,’ Lizzie said, patting Cecile.
‘All dogs are good if you give them a chance.'”

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“‘You know,’ ventured the old man, ‘I believe you could take a little walk with Cecile by yourself.’ ‘I could?’ ‘You could.'”
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“Walking a dog alone.
A small thing, but big.”

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A SMALL THING … BUT BIG. Text copyright © 2016 by Tony Johnston. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Hadley Hooper. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the illustrator and publisher, Neal Porter Books/Roaring Brook Press, New York.

2 comments to “A Small Thing … but Big

  1. What sweet illustrations and perfectly endearing concept. I’m buying this one. Well done, you guys!

  2. Hadley’s art is beautiful.

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