What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week,
Featuring Gilles Bachelet and Éric Veillé

h1 March 3rd, 2017 by jules

” … My pictures after the storm”
— From Éric Veillé’s book of the same name

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” … A young girl, from who knows where, turned up the other day.
She seemed quite well-mannered, except for her unpleasant tendency
to change size at the drop of a hat. …”
— From Gilles Bachelet’s
Mrs. White Rabbit


This morning over at Kirkus, I’ve got the mirrors of children’s literature on my mind. That is here.

* * *

Last week, I wrote here about Éric Veillé’s My Pictures After the Storm (Gecko Press, March 2017) and Gilles Bachelet’s Mrs. White Rabbit (Eerdmans, February 2017). I’m following up with art from each book today.



From My Pictures After the Storm:


” … My pictures after the elephant”
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” … My pictures after lunch”
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” … My pictures after four mouthfuls”
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” … My pictures after the hairdresser”
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From Mrs. White Rabbit:


(Click second image to see spread in its entirety)


“Even though I’ve tried all the recipes from 100 Way to Cook Carrots,
nothing will do.”
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“But my husband has a lot of work to do at the palace …
and he has to stay late quite often.”
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* * * * * * *

MRS. WHITE RABBIT. Originally published in France © Éditions du Seuil, 2012. First published in the United States in 2017 by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. Illustrations reproduced by permission of Eerdmans.

MY PICTURES AFTER THE STORM. Text and illustrations by Éric Veillé © 2014 Actes Sud. English language edition © Gecko Press Ltd 2017. Illustrations reproduced by permission of Gecko Press.

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