Art from Akin Düzakin, Roger Mello, and Claude Ponti

h1 May 4th, 2017 by jules

“Is our planet the only one with life on it?
Or is the universe teeming with life?”
— From Jostein Gaarder’s
Questions Asked, illustrated by Akin Düzakin


I’ve got some art today as a follow-up to my Kirkus Q&A last week with Kendall Storey, Co-director of Elsewhere Editions, the new children’s book imprint from Archipelago Books.

I’ve got art from Jostein Gaarder’s Questions Asked, illustrated by Akin Düzakin, to be released this month; Roger Mello’s You Can’t Be Too Careful!, released in April; and Claude Ponti’s My Valley, released in March.

Pictured above is an illustration from Gaarder’s and Düzakin’s book (and the cover to the left).

Below is a bit of art from the other two.



From You Can’t Be Too Careful!:


“The gardener will not leave his post. …”
(Click to enlarge spread)


“… He dreamed of playing the bagpipes.”
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From My Valley:


“House Trees don’t grow just any old way. …”
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“… A Giant came into the Valley.”
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All art used by permission of Elsewhere Editions.

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