Some Very Possible Milk Before Breakfast
with Mamoru Suzuki and Tupera Tupera

h1 August 25th, 2017 by jules

— From Tupera Tupera’s What Does Baby Want?


— From Mamoru Suzuki’s Happy Birthday!
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Last week at Kirkus, I wrote here about two new books, both Japanese imports, showing (without embarrassment) babies breastfeeding, and I’m following up today with some art from each book — Mamoru Suzuki’s Happy Birthday! (Museyon), coming to shelves in November, and Tupera Tupera’s What Does Baby Want? (Phaidon, June 2017).


From What Does Baby Want?



From Happy Birthday!


(Click each image to enlarge)



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tanjoubi Omedetou © 2015 Mamoru Suzuki. Originally published in Japan in 2015 by POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd. Published in the United States/Canada in 2017 by Museyon Inc. Illustrations used by their permission.

WHAT DOES BABY WANT? First published in Japan by BRONZE PUBLISHING Inc., Tokyo, as AKACHAN © 2016 tupera tupera. This edition © 2017 Phaidon Press Limited. Illustrations used by their permission.

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