Calling Caldecott

h1 September 12th, 2017 by jules

Hey, everybody. I’m joining the Calling Caldecott team over at the Horn Book. Here’s my post over there from last week where I wave hello to everyone from here in middle Tennessee.

Today is the day we’re kicking off the book-list discussion, asking for readers to suggest the picture books you’d like to see discussed this Fall and Winter. It won’t be just Martha, Lolly, and me over there for the next several months. We plan to invite guest bloggers to keep the conversations fresh and to ensure diverse voices.

So, if you love picture books, head on over there today—here’s the link—and weigh in, if you’re so inclined.

Until tomorrow …

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  1. Oh, JULES. She’d be so pleased with you.
    I’m glad you’re doing this; you’re a treasure, you’ve done so much for the industry – I mean, how many of us get invited to Italy?? – and people need to just get more into picture books, full stop.

  2. Thanks, T!

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