Silent Days, Silent Dreams

h1 November 7th, 2017 by jules

I’ve got a BookPage review (here) of Allen Say’s Silent Days, Silent Dreams (Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic, October 2017). I’m following up with art today.

This book has been the subject of a court case (here’s a summary, and here’s Scholastic’s statement). I’m glad it’s made its way to shelves.


“His parents gave him scrap paper to keep him occupied.”
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“Soon, James was old enough to start school. On the way there, he stopped at every road sign to figure out what it meant. He never found out, but later he would put made-up signs in his drawings, which no one knew what to make of
so they called them totems.”

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“James collected trash paper around the farm and drew on it with burnt matchsticks.
He drew everything from memory and hid the drawings in the walls of his first studio.”

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“James stayed in his studio to guard it from invaders. And whenever he caught Joe and his friends trying to raid his room, he let out piercing screams and chased them away. And ‘Dummy’ got his second mean nickname: Crazy Jimmy.”
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SILENT DAYS, SILENT DREAMS. Copyright © 2017 by Allen Say. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic, New York.

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