What I’m Doing at Kirkus (and Chapter 16) This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Brian Pinkney

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— From the poem, “Smothered”


Today over at Kirkus, I’ve two brand-new picture books that are, in part, about the emotional intelligence of children (and, well, rabbits).

That is here.

Over at Tennessee’s own Chapter 16 today, I have a Q&A with author Matt de la Peña and illustrator Loren Long. They will be in Nashville soon talking about their newest picture book, Love. That Q&A is here.

* * *

Last week, I wrote here about Andrea Davis Pinkney’s and Brian Pinkney’s Martin Rising: Requiem for a King (Scholastic, January 2018).

I’m following up with some art from the book today, but I also highly recommend you head to the Horn Book’s site and watch this video interview with Andrea about the book. I watched that earlier this week and enjoyed it.


” … On this day / of doily hearts, / and gold-foil candy, /
and the Supremes’ ‘Baby Love’ wishes, / folks in Memphis /
are down on their knees / proposing to Equality: /
Be mine!”
(Click spread to enlarge)


“Atlanta streets, / a bottlenecked swarm /
of footsore souls, / unfurl in a funeral procession. …”

(Click spread to enlarge)



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MARTIN RISING: REQUIEM FOR A KING. Text copyright © 2018 by Andrea Davis Pinkney. Illustrations copyright © 2018 by Brian Pinkney and reproduced by permission of the publisher, Scholastic Press, New York.

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Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Brian Pinkney”

  1. Julie,

    I’ve enjoyed your blog and per your stern warnings, I swear I have never contacted you in the past.

    I am sending you an announcement via Email for a Book Giveaway on TCBR for our self-published children’s picture book titled “PUSHBALL – A Game That’s Tasty to Eat!” It’s available on Amazon in both Ebook and Paperback versions.

    My good friend and author Tom Leavy and I were hoping that this being my first illustrated book, you just might be interested and have a look at our book.

    Best regards,

    John Buck

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