Seeing Into Tomorrow

h1 February 8th, 2018 by jules

“Empty railroad tracks: / A train sounds in the spring hills
And the rails leap with life.”

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Last week, I talked over at Kirkus with author-illustrator Nina Crews about her newest picture book, Seeing Into Tomorrow: Haiku by Richard Wright (Millbrook Press, February 2018). I really enjoyed that chat, which is here.

Today, I’ve a few spreads from the book. If you haven’t already read the Q&A and know the answer, you get seven points for identifying the talented man in the spread above.


“Just enough of snow / For a boy’s finger to write
His name on the porch.”

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“Under a low sky / A boy walking with a dog
In the spring rain.”

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SEEING INTO TOMORROW: HAIKU BY RICHARD WRIGHT. Haiku Copyright © 1998 by Ellen Wright. All other text and illustrations copyright © 2018 by Nina Crews. Published by Millbrook Press, Minneapolis. Illustrations reproduced here by permission of Nina Crews.

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