My Kirkus Q&A with Jen Wang

h1 February 15th, 2018 by jules

For a while, I’d wanted to write a story about a character whose super power was making clothes that transformed the wearer. I couldn’t think of a premise that fit until I was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race one day, and suddenly everything clicked. I’ve also wanted to do something fun, like a Disney princess movie but with more queer themes attached, and everything fell in line perfectly from there.”

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Over at Kirkus today, I talk with Jen Wang, pictured here, about her new graphic novel, The Prince and the Dressmaker (First Second, February 2018).

The Q&A is here. Next week, I’ll follow up here at 7-Imp with a bit more art from the book.

Until tomorrow …

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Photo of Jen Wang taken by Ye Rin Mok.

2 comments to “My Kirkus Q&A with Jen Wang”

  1. It never really occurred to me (having missed much of the zeitgeist surrounding RuPaul as TV icon) what fun it would be to be a child watching Drag Race. ALL those costumes. ALL that makeup. ALL that make-believe! I can see that as a fertile field for a book – and for a book like this -a boy thinking, “man, that looks SO fun,” and then finding a friend who helps him to make a space for himself. I love it.

  2. Do you know I’ve never seen that show? I’ll have to look it up.

    I do love this book. So do my girls. Ada provided one of the questions for the Q&A. They’ve read the book twenty times in a row.

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