On the Other Side of the Garden with Rafael Yockteng

h1 March 8th, 2018 by jules

“‘I don’t know the city,’ stated the owl.
‘Why haven’t we seen you before?’ asked the frog.
‘Maybe, later, you could give me some milk?’ said the mouse.
‘I lived in another place before,’ I answered, ‘but Dad has left me here for a few days. He’ll come and get me soon.'”

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Last week, I chatted here over at Kirkus with Colombian illustrator Rafael Yockteng about his newest book with author Jairo Buitrago, On the Other Side of the Garden (Groundwood, March 2018).

Today, I follow up with some art from the book.



“I was looking out the window,
so I didn’t pay attention to what my dad was saying.”

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“But I wasn’t alone. Three creatures were looking at me through the window.”
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“The moon was huge and bright, so I could see them more clearly. They looked like pretty good guys. I thought it would be okay to go for a walk with them.
It was a beautiful night, and I wasn’t sleepy.”

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ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GARDEN. Text copyright © 2018 by Jairo Buitrago. Illustrations copyright © 2018 by Rafael Yockteng. Illustration used by permission of the publisher, Groundwood Books, Canada.

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