My Kirkus Q&A with Qin Leng

h1 March 29th, 2018 by jules

I enjoyed drawing from a very early age, and even before I enrolled in Film Animation, I always loved to draw children. Their energy, spontaneity, the purity and honesty of their emotions—all of that makes them the best subjects to portray. They have such an incredible range of expressions and emotions. When I decided to break into the field of illustration, I didn’t even need to think where I wanted to try out my luck first. Children’s book publishing was the only place I wanted to start.”

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Over at Kirkus today, I talk with illustrator Qin Leng, pictured here, who was born in Shanghai, grew up in France, and now lives and works in Toronto. Her newest picture book is Jessica Scott Kerrin’s The Better Tree Fort (Groundwood, March 2018).

The Q&A is here. Next week, I’ll follow up here at 7-Imp with a bit more art from the book.

Until tomorrow …

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Photo of Qin Leng taken by Lian Leng.

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