What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Chiara Carrer

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“Pablo is an Argentine boy who lives in Mexico. His parents took refuge there after escaping the military dictatorship that ravaged their country. …”
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Over at Kirkus today, I’ve got sisters and cousins on the mind.

That is here.

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Last week, I wrote here about Seven Pablos (Enchanted Lion, May 2018), written by Jorge Luján, illustrated by Chiara Carrer, and translated from the Spanish by Mara Lethem. I’m following up with some art today.

Enjoy. . . .


“Pablo is eight years old and lives in Chile. His father works in a copper mine ….”
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“One day, a journalist appears and asks him, ‘How old are you?’ …”
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“There are many Pablos in the world, yet they all are one. …”
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SEVEN PABLOS. Text copyright © 2018 by Jorge Luján. Illustration copyright © 2018 by Chiara Carrer. Translation copyright © 2018 by Mara Faye Lethem. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, Enchanted Lion, Brooklyn, NY.

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