Grandad Mandela

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“‘So apartheid was over?’ asked Ziwelene. ‘That’s right. And do you know how he did it?
He got his enemies to sit with him around a table.'”

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I’ve some spreads today from Ambassador Zindzi Mandela’s and illustrator Sean Qualls’ Grandad Mandela, which Mandela wrote with her grandchildren Zazi and Ziwelene. This is a follow-up to a Q&A I did last week at Kirkus with Ambassador Mandela and Sean.



“One day, Zazi and Ziwelene were playing at Zindzi’s house when they found a photograph. It was someone they remembered very well. …”
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“‘Big Mummy and Grandad Mandela were strong people because of how they grew up.'”
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“‘Do you miss Grandad Mandela?’ asked Ziwelene. …”
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“‘You are both doing the same thing as Grandad Mandela.'”
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GRANDAD MANDELA © 2018 Quarto Publishing plc. Text © 2018 Mandela Legacy. Illustrations © 2018 Sean Qualls and used by permission of the publisher, The Quarto Group, Minneapolis.

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