What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week,
Featuring Freya Blackwood and Jason Chin

h1 April 5th, 2019 by jules

“She’s slowing down.”
— From Miranda Paul’s
Nine Months, illustrated by Jason Chin
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“One … two … three … blow. Happy birthday, baby!”
— From Jane Godwin and Davina Bell’s
Baby Day, illustrated by Freya Blackwood
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Over at Kirkus today, I’ve got some comics for you.

That is here.

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Last week, I wrote here about Miranda Paul’s Nine Months: Before a Baby Is Born (Neal Porter Books/Holiday House, April 2019), illustrated by Jason Chin, as well as Jane Godwin and Davina Bell’s Baby Day (Atheneum, March 2019), illustrated by Freya Blackwood.

Today, I’ve some art from each book, and Jason also shares some preliminary images from Nine Months. About the illustrations for the book, Jason writes: “The family is my brother, Michael and his wife, Mariana. The baby is Olivia (who the book is dedicated to), who was born when I was painting the book. The older sister is actually based on my daughter, as Olivia was Mike and Mariana’s first child. Mariana is from Morelia, Mexico, which is why there is a Morelia, Michoacán poster, a Spanish language book, etc.”



From Baby Day:


“Waiting baby. Dribbly baby. Hungry baby.”
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“Oh no …”
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From Nine Months:


Early sketch
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Illustration on copyright page spread
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Early sketch
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A final illustration from the book (sans text):
“Lashes. Flashes. Systems grow strong. Feel all those hiccups! Feel her stretch long.”

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Early sketch
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Nearly completed illustration from the book (sans text):
“Months Eight and Nine (Weeks 32 — birth) …”

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A couple more final spreads from the book
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* * * * * * *

BABY DAY. Text copyright © 2018 by Jane Godwin and Davina Bell. Illustrations copyright © 2018 by Freya Blackwood. Originally published in Australia in 2018 by Allen & Unwin. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York.

NINE MONTHS: BEFORE A BABY IS BORN. Text copyright © 2019 by Miranda Paul. Illustrations copyright © 2019 by Jason Chin and reproduced by permission of the publisher, Neal Porter Books/Holiday House, New York. All preliminary images reproduced by permission of Jason Chin.

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