7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #682: Featuring Anne Hunter

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It wasn’t that long ago that I was telling you all about a new picture book from Anne Hunter (in this February post). I do love her work, and she has illustrated another new book. This one, The Nest That Wren Built (Candlewick, March 2020), is by Randi Sonenshine. I reviewed it for BookPage, so if you’d like to read more about it, that is here.

And here at 7-Imp today are a few spreads from the book.


“These are the twigs, dried in the sun,
that Papa collected one by one
to cradle the nest that Wren built.”

(Click spread to enlarge)


“This is the moss, softer than suede,
stolen from stones cool in the shade
to line the nest that Wren built.”

(Click spread to enlarge)


“These are the fledglings, fourteen days old.
They inch to the edge while feathers unfold …”

(Click spread to enlarge)


THE NEST THAT WREN BUILT. Text copyright © 2020 by Randi Sonenshine. Illustrations copyright © 2020 by Anne Hunter. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.

Note for any new readers: 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you. New kickers are always welcome.

* * * Jules’ Kicks * * *

1) We threw a surprise party this week for my oldest daughter, who turned 16. (Yes, in the name of virus precautions, I dutifully cleaned the house before and after.) We managed to pull it off! It’s been several weeks in the making. And it was a happy memory we made.

2) We had amazing cupcakes.

3) The very next day (my, the news changes so rapidly these days) I read that we should all be self-quarantining to the point of Not Even Really Hanging Out With Our Friends (#stayhome and “this is not a snow day” and etc. etc.). Sooooo … I guess I had that party just in time? (We are all just winging it, aren’t we. May everyone stay healthy. All of you reading this and everyone else too.)

4) In the midst of all of the virus precautions taking place, I’ve been amazed and impressed by the responses I’ve seen online from teachers and librarians, concerned for the students and patrons they regularly see (and vice versa — that is, students concerned for their educators).

5) Finally saw Yesterday. Hey, Dude.

6) Finally saw Parasite.

7) Making it work.

Now is an especially good time for kicks, you all, isn’t it? What are yours? I’m going to leave you with this tweet:


8 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #682: Featuring Anne Hunter”

  1. This book and this artist’s work are so lovely, Jules. Thank you for featuring it. I am so very happy that your daughter was able to celebrate her birthday. I can’t believe she’s sixteen.

    My kicks:
    1. Thank goodness for social media. It’s a way to stay in touch when you have to distance yourself.
    2. Books–Reading more than normal
    3. Laughter—watching new movies and ones seen multiple times
    4. Arrival of spring—the squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits are chasing each other
    5. Resilience—Clips on Twitter of people singing from their homes to each other and the timed applause of people in Spain for nurses and doctors
    6. Sunshine
    7. Walks with Mulan—the only time I leave my home

    Take care everyone.

  2. WHAT a gorgeous book, Jules! Great introduction to the concepts of spring and parenting 🙂

    I think your concept of Kicks is going to be really important to getting me/all of your readers through this “moment” — there ARE things to note, appreciate, laugh about, and be grateful for!

    1. Ditto Margie on social media — it’s a lifeline for sure, for friends and family near and far. I have sibs and kids on 3 continents, but we can SEE each other thanks to Skype and FT 🙂
    2. NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts, which i only discovered thanks to you — actually heard/saw ColdPlay just yesterday there: my first mental image of them, if you can believe anyone could be so behind!
    3. Reading up a storm: David Lebovitz’s The Sweet Life in Paris this week.
    4. Shopping in my house — going through closets and finding things (old clippings, photos, treasures) to send out to others with notes 🙂
    5. citrus in all its forms!
    6. my husband’s wizardry with the Nespresso machine
    7. Yo-yo Ma: what a gift that man is.

    Stay well and keep your spirits up, all — i’m off to go google spaniards singing to each other and applauding docs/nurses!

  3. Margie, please do send movie recommendations, if you’re so inclined! As for reading, if my family and I are going to self-quarantine, well … you should see my home office right now. Stacks and stacks of brand-new novels (and picture books, always) because of the BGHB committee work I’m doing. We are ALL. SET — to say the least. My love to you and Mulan, Margie.

    Mary! That Coldplay Tiny Desk concert was sooo fun, especially the Prince cover. Here’s the link for everyone else: https://www.npr.org/2020/03/09/811857679/coldplay-tiny-desk-concert. Enjoy your citrus and coffee. Thanks for the book recommendation!

  4. Jules: I have watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle twice in the past week because it was airing on networks. Maybe it’s my mood but those teens in adult bodies are a hoot. And I just ordered the second one, Jumanji: The Next Level. I’m going to start going through my Disney movies, Happy Feet, Madagascar and Ice Age. I’m saving a re-watch of the Harry Potter movies for next month. And I am a huge Avengers fan. I will re-watch all of those in the upcoming month. Sending you and your family much love.

  5. Jules, this book is much needed this morning. Thanks. I am feeling a bit frazzled with arriving home from seeing my niece in SoCal last night. So glad that your daughter got to have her birthday party.
    Margie, resilience indeed. We certainly need that this right now. And good books and movies.
    Mary, here’s to these weekly kicks. And books.
    My kicks:
    1. Being with my niece and her family for a couple of days.
    2. Summer planning (really hope that the plans will happen. )
    3. A warm fire going this morning.
    4. Student Poetry postcard signups are happening.
    5. Keeping in touch with everyone.
    6. Books.
    7. Writing.
    Have a great week.

  6. Hi Imps! Hi Anne! Hi Wren! Everyone, please stay home and stay safe. 🙂 I am glad that many of you have friends, family, and pets to hang out with at home!

  7. Perfect book for Spring, and such beautiful, warm illustrations.

    Jules – congrats on pulling off that surprise party and HBD to the 16 year old! Yay for cupcakes and good friends. What did you think of Parasite?

    Margie – sunshine, walks with Mulan and social media connection are all great kicks. Those Twitter clips of peoepl singing to each other are amazing. I also love the thread of the high school musical singers getting to share their performances online since the shows have been cancelled.

    Mary – having time to read is such a wonderful kick. Love the concept of shopping in your own home for friends and family. I share in your love for the Tiny Desk concerts.

    Jone – glad you got to spend time with your niece and her family, hope that warm fire and the current sunshine help make today a more relaxing day for you.

    Little Willow – waving at you as you fly by in the interwebs – stay safe and well!

    My kicks this week:
    1) Unexpected snowfall yesterday. Really pretty and hopefully it helped keep people home.
    2) Making slow cooker turkey chili yesterday.
    3) Doing the group #Netflixandstayhome watch of Bad Boys last night. Explosions and car chases with the great chemistry of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.
    4) Yay for streaming services & also all the free old movies on Youtube – did a rewatch of the Gary Cooper & Ann Sheridan comedy, its still a great watch.
    5) Daisy’s biopsy from her procedure last week came back as benign, which is a relief.
    6) Having a stack of TBR books waiting for me.
    7) Sunshine today.

    Thanks for the weekly reminder to look for the good things. Hope everyone stays safe and well!

  8. Thanks, Margie!

    Jone, I also hope you can keep your summer plans. Fingers crossed.

    Little Willow: Stay healthy!

    Rachel: I reeeeally liked Parasite. More importantly, I’m very relieved Daisy’s biopsy is benign. That’s fabulous news!

    Everyone: Stay safe and well!

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