Cybils Party? Anyone?

h1 February 8th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

eisha: Now that I have your attention… I was wondering if anyone in the Boston-ish area would like to get together for a post-Cybils celebration? I’m thinking something low-key, just a quiet gathering of lit-fanatics, maybe somewhere that would offer alcohol… Anyone else interested?

The actual Announcement Day won’t do, of course, since many of us will be obligated to spend it in recognition of that OTHER holiday that’s taking place. And the weekend immediately following is also a holiday, so that’s probably out. So, how about Saturday, February 24th? Like, 7:00ish? I’ll try to think of a good location, if it turns out anyone else is game.

You don’t even have to be directly involved with the Cybils. You could just be someone who happens to enjoy good books and is pleased that bloggers came up with such a cool award. Or, you know, a librarian, or a writer, or someone in publishing, or someone who knows how to read… whatever. Just leave a comment here if you think it’d be fun to get together and celebrate.

Who knows? Maybe the idea will catch on and they’ll be throwing Cybils Parties all over the continent!

jules: On that note . . . I can’t fly up to join you all in Boston, though I’d really love to meet some of you kidlitosphere (and otherwise) bloggers in the Boston area. But is there anyone, by chance, in the Nashville area who wants to meet up? I don’t think there are any Cybillers out there from this area, but I could be wrong. Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? (“Anyone? Something-d-o-o economics. ‘Voodoo’ economics” . . . but I digress).

And, as lame as this sounds, I’d prefer to meet up during the day. I’ll explain why to anyone who might want to get together if, uh, anyone’s out there?? Thanks!

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  1. Not in Boston, not in Nashville. What do you think are my odds for getting an Iowa contingent together? Yeah, I thought so 🙂

    I do think Eisha has a shot at getting a Boston gig together!

  2. There are two of us in Minnesota and one just over in Wisconsin. Iowa’s not far from here. Let’s not forget about us Midwesterners…. Sometimes it seems like all the cool kids are on the East coast. Have fun at your party! Sounds like fun!

  3. I know what you mean, Mindy. I have a feeling I’ll be partying alone here in the South. Not that there aren’t child-lit-lovers in the South, but I don’t know of any kidlitosphere bloggers in this area (then again, I might be missing the obvious, as I haven’t yet had enough coffee today).

  4. How cyblis-ized of you to suggest this! I am in Boston! But I am not in Boston on 2/24! Regrets, but I will definitely show up at the next one.

  5. What a neat idea! It’s enough to make me wish I still lived in Boston. (Well, almost – I really don’t like the cold).

  6. oh, boo, mitali! but yes, if there’s interest, we could totally make this a recurring event.

  7. Oh, man. That sounds fun. I might be able to make one later in the spring. Boston is not that, that far a drive…

  8. Eisha,

    I would absolutely love to celebrate the Cybils. If I can make it, I’ll be there…wherever there is. Maybe a Blue Rose Girl or two might want to come along.

    We have a few family birthdays in February, including my daughter’s and my mother’s–so I’ll have to see what the birthday schedule looks like.

  9. I’d love to come to a Boston blog party but can’t that day. Saturdays in general aren’t the easiest for me. Any other possibilities?

  10. Boy, I’d love to go but that is the weekend of the NESCBWI Whispering Pines retreat.

    Maybe next year I’ll get to attend if you party, because I think you should party EVERY YEAR–parties are good for the soul.

  11. Well, if Friday night would be better, we could do that. Heck, we could do the weekend before if more people could attend – I just figured President’s Day weekend would be the one where everyone was out of town.

  12. If this Boston party really gels, I bet if you give Eisha a white wine spritzer, she’ll tell you that you all rock like a hurricane.

    Really, wah! I hate that I’ll miss all the fun, but I love that you all might really have a Boston-area 7-Imp blawg partaaaay.

  13. J, just get on a plane already. Those babies can practically take care of themselves by now – Miri is almost toilet trained and everything. C’mon!

  14. I’ll be with you in spirit. Geographically Boston isn’t that far from NYC. The little moths flying out of my pockets say otherwise, though.

  15. Jules, I didn’t realize you were in Nashville! I have a trip there later this spring. Not sure of the details and I know May is late for a CYBILS party but maybe we can find another excuse for a party then! LOVE THE PARTY IDEA.

  16. I can’t speak for Kelly, but this is a big reason why I wanted to start Cybils: to get invited to all the cool parties.

    Except I live in Chicago.

    Note to self: Find a babysitter and fly to Boston.

    Have a great time, Eisha. I can’t wait to read the details.

  17. Anne, my cousin lives in Naperville. So, okay, I’m just going to have to visit her one day in the nearish future, and we can all three have a glass of wine together. You’d like her. And, well, I love your blog, so I’d hope you’d wanna. 🙂

  18. Oh man, I’d love to join you. I’ll be at Disneyworld that weekend though, so can’t make this one.

  19. And, yes, Franki, let’s hook up in May! I would love that.

  20. There in spirit!

  21. although new to the kiddielit/librarian blog neighborhood I live in the south – Atlanta area, not too far from Nashville – and hey we have an AWESOME children’s book store in Decatur, GA – little shop of stories ( )
    that is worth a trip to Atlanta!

  22. Hey, if anyone’s looking at this wondering if we’re really getting together in Boston… I’m now thinking March is going to be better for me, and I hope for everyone else, too. But I’ll post again about it soon.

  23. Thanks, Kathy! I’ll remember that.

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