“A room without books is like a body without a soul” (Cicero); “Dude, free books!” (Socrates)

h1 February 10th, 2007 by jules

Yes, that is actually one of Socrates’ lesser-known quotes.

So, Eisha and I don’t normally use blog space to talk about book give-aways. However, the folks at Chronicle Books are not only nice and do good work, but they have a book give-away going on now that involves some really great titles, including autographed copies of Dianna Aston’s and Sylvia Long’s An Egg is Quiet, Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall’s Ivy and Bean, Mark Shulman and Adam McCauley’s Mom and Dad Are Palindromes, Komako Sakai’s Emily’s Balloon, and much more. (I reviewed most of those titles last year, so hit the search box if you want to know my humble opinion on those titles, but I can tell you now they’re excellent books — each and every one of ’em). Here is all the information you need if you’re interested. That link also takes you to some author interviews, book excerpts, and much more. As Socrates is known to have stated in his later years, “free books are all good.” And I know that — let’s face it — we librarians can be downright maniacal and unpleasant when it comes to getting our hands on autographed copies of our favorite books. Am I right? The. claws. come. out.

And speaking of free books, on Tuesday of next week, 7-Imp will have a visitor come a-knockin’ at our cyber-door: Lisa Graff, author of the just-released The Thing About Georgie and member of the spirited Longstockings, will be dropping by here on her seven-day blog tour. She kicks things off on her own blog; then she’ll join us; and for the rest of the week, she’ll visit Kelly at Big A little a, Little Willow at Bildungsroman, Fuse, MotherReader, and Gothamist. We get to ask Ms. Graff all kinds of fun questions, so don’t miss that interview on Tuesday (and that’ll be right after Monday’s blogger interview). And here’s where the free books part comes in again. As Lisa explains at the above link:

During the tour, HarperCollins is also running a BOOK GIVEAWAY SPECTACULAR. The first three people to email a special, Georgie-tastic email address each day and tell them where they saw my interview will receive a *free* copy of THE THING ABOUT GEORGIE. Free books!! It really doesn’t get much better than that.

That last line there — “Free books!! It really doesn’t get much better than that” — should really be attributed to Socrates, known to have been his first words. Lisa obviously has issues with lifting authors’ words. Yikes. Embarrassing for her. Cringe-tacular.

We’re excited about getting to know Lisa better. She seems, thus far, to be a wicked funny person. And to have a hand in helping someone perhaps get a free book, too. Woo hoo! Geez, if someone we know wins a free book, let us know.


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  1. Yay, I can’t wait to come a’visiting on Tuesday! Or, as Plato once said, “Rock on!”

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