All Because You Matter

h1 October 9th, 2020 by jules

“Did you know that you are sun rays,
calm, like ocean waves,
tough, like montañas,
magic, like stars in space?”

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Over at BookPage, I’ve a review of Tami Charles’s All Because You Matter, illustrated by Bryan Collier.

That review is here, and below are a couple more spreads from the book.


“They say that matter is all things that make up the universe:
energy, stars, space … If that’s the case,
then you, dear child, matter.”

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“And you hear Pop Pop’s whispered prayers, as another name is called:
Trayvon, Tamir, Philando, and you wonder if they,
or you, will ever matter.”

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ALL BECAUSE YOU MATTER. Text copyright © 2020 by Tami Charles. Illustrations © 2020 by Bryan Collier and reproduced by permission of the publisher, Orchard Books, an imprint of Scholastic Inc., New York.

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