Sugar in Milk

h1 October 15th, 2020 by jules

“But my friends and my family were all back home.”
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I’ve a review over at BookPage of Thrity Umrigar’s Sugar in Milk (Running Press Kids, October 2020), illustrated by Khoa Le.

That review is here, and below at 7-Imp today are some spreads from the book.


“After Auntie and Uncle left for work, I sat alone in my room, thinking of my old friends and longing to make new ones.”
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“‘Come, my people,’ said their leader. ‘Now that we have to leave the home we love so much, we must find a new land that we can call our own.'”
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“The king sighed impatiently. He snapped his fingers and ordered his servant to bring him an empty glass.”
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“I looked around me, stopped. And then I took another step—into the dazzling light
of America. Nothing had changed. And yet, everything had.”

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SUGAR IN MILK. Copyright © 2020 by Thrity Umrigar. Interior and cover illustrations copyright © 2020 by Khoa Le. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, Running Press Kids.

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  1. I maintain that the very best thing about this burst of interest in diverse books is that we’re getting to see more and more fabulous diverse illustrators. The art here just blows the hair back!!

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