Micha Archer’s Wonder Walkers

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“Wonder walk? / Sure.”
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I’ve a review over at the Horn Book of Micha Archer’s splendid Wonder Walkers (Nancy Paulsen Books, March 2021).

That review is here. Below are some more spreads.



“Is the sun the world’s light bulb?”
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“I wonder.
Me too.”

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“Is the moon the world’s night light?”
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WONDER WALKERS. Copyright © 2021 by Micha Archer. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, Nancy Paulsen Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House, New York.

4 comments to “Micha Archer’s Wonder Walkers

  1. The spreads are wonderful! Glad to have those to supplement your review.

  2. Well, that is utterly delightful. I wonder how many will incorporate Wonder Walks into their days? If I were still teaching, I’d be all over this…

  3. This looks lovely and useful. And the illustrations are incredible rich. I was reminded me of a recent article on the NPR website about making space for and practicing joy. They suggest taking “Awe Walks”

  4. Ooh, thanks, Rob. I am enjoying that read.

    *waving to Alice and Tanita*

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