7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #4

h1 April 1st, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

It’s time for another installment of 7 Imp’s 7 Kicks . . . For those new to our series, this is where we all stop in every Sunday to report seven (more or less is fine) Good Things that happened to you (or that you read or saw or experienced or . . . well, you get the picture) this week.

*Jules’ List*

1> The poem “Request” by Franz Wright, which you can read here at Liz Scanlon’s Poetry Friday entry from yesterday. I am in love with this poem, and I thank Liz for introducing me to it (Poetry Friday is such an excellent thing). Amusingly enough, I read — while trying to find more info on Franz Wright — the following: “A five-year-old Franz Wright once reportedly made the following request of his parents: ‘Excuse me. Do you think, because it’s my birthday, we could not talk about poetry today?'” (I read that here; his father was poet James Wright) . . . The poem made me think of another favorite, “The Guitarist Tunes Up,” by Frances Darwin Cornford:

With what attentive courtesy he bent
Over his instrument;
Not as a lordly conqueror who could
Command both wire and wood,
But as a man with a loved woman might,
Inquiring with delight
What slight essential things she had to say
Before they started, he and she, to play.

2> My husband got a new job, and he’s very, very happy about it.

3> Someone I have yet to meet — who is, by all accounts, a true artist — will most likely be making a Polo doll for my husband and me to give to our 17-mo. old daughter. She loves Polo so (Polo’s wonderful, very fun site is here), and she lugs the heavy, heavy Polo book around or walks around clutching a piece of paper with Polo on it. And, though I don’t normally like to see book-related merchandise glut the stores, I was wishing for a Polo doll for her to own and cherish and hug. Since no such things are sold, this woman is going to make us one. O heaven bless her (and thanks to Courtney for her help with this Polo quest).

4> David Slonim’s very droll, very understated, and flat-out weird (this is a good thing) picture book, He Came With the Couch (2005), which the very nice author Corey Rosen Schwartz (Hop! Plop!) recommended while dropping by 7-Imp. Thanks, Corey! It’s quite unlike any other picture book I’ve read before . . .

5> The Tom Tichenor marionette shows for children at the Nashville Public Library and the three fine performers who constitute Wishing Chair Productions, whose goal is to carry on Tom’s tradition (I’ve mentioned them before; honestly, I don’t know them and am not plugging their work for any favors. Their work just impresses me every week, and I am always grateful for high-quality, entertaining library programming for children).

6> Oh, and speaking of Corey Rosen Schwartz chatting with us (though, unfortunately, it sounds like I’m name-dropping, which is not my intent), Kelly Murphy also stopped by to say hi to us. She is an illustrator whose work I’ve always admired. Woo hoo! And right after I emailed back to ask her what new projects she’s working on (if any), I thought to look at her site, and I see she has a brand new illustrated book out: Fiona’s Luck (Charlesbridge Publishing, January 2007), written by Teresa Bateman. I just put myself on a library hold list for it. Eeeeexcellent. Kelly Murphy’s work never lets me down.

7> All the people who come here every Sunday and let us read their lists. I really enjoy it, honest to goodness.

*eisha’s list*

1* The best thing by far that happened this week:  my nephew Miles was born Tuesday, and he is healthy and perfect and gorgeous!  I mean, LOOK AT HIM!  Can you stand it???  I cannot wait to meet him in person.

2*  This makes me an aunt.  Aunt Eisha.  As in: “Oh, look, Miles, you got a birthday present from Aunt Eisha.  Hmm, what do you think it could be… another book?  Yep, it sure is!  What a surprise.”  Yesss!

3*  Since the stork was already in town delivering Miles, he stopped by my cousin’s house and dropped off Ella Grace on Thursday.  This could have been bad news, because she wasn’t due until June.  But miraculously, both baby and mom are doing just fine.  Thank goodness.  And that’s one more baby I’ll get to cuddle when I go home in May.

4*  It’s official, so now I can share the mysterious good news from last week – my husband will be teaching Scenic Design at Ithaca College next fall.  It’s an amazing opportunity, and I am so very, very proud of him.  And since he won’t be freelancing as much, I might actually get to hang out with him occasionally.  The bad news:  I’ll have to start packing soon.  I’m a terrible mover.  And I’ll miss all my Cambridge friends A LOT.  And now I have to find a new job, too.

Moosewood5*  But:  I’ll be close-ish to Adrienne Martini and her husband Scott, old friends who I haven’t seen in person in a couple of years.  That’ll be fun.

6*  And:  I’ll get to eat at the Moosewood.  I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 17, so this is like a pilgrimage to Mecca for me.  Adrienne tells me “it’s all that they say, and more.”

So Many Ways to Begin by Jon McGregor7*  I have the new Jon McGregor novel, So Many Ways to Begin, sitting on my coffee table right now waiting for me to finish this post and commence reading.  If you don’t know how much Jules and I loved McGregor’s first novel, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things, then read this.  Then go read it yourselves.  Please.

This has been an amazing week for me and Jules.  How about you?  Got “7 Kicks” of your own to share?  Or even one or two?  Please do!  We’d love to hear about them, so comment away…

28 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #4”

  1. Congratulations on your new nephew, Eisha! And on the new jobs of both of your husbands. Thanks again for doing this. I spent time this weekend thinking “what good things happened to me this week?”, thanks to you. Here are my 7 things:

    1. Red Sox Opening Day is MONDAY!
    2. I was nominated for one of the first ever Litty Awards (see http://www.bookchronicle.com/2007/03/litty-awards-litblogger-recognition.html)
    3. I finished listening to Life As We Knew It, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, and found it utterly compelling from start to finish.
    4. Our good friends from Houston just got engaged, and we were able to celebrate with them in Lake Tahoe last weekend. And it didn’t snow while we were there (which is happy news as far as I’m concerned, though not all participants would agree).
    5. For the first time in more than a month, I was home enough to get caught up with the blogs that I visit this week. This makes me so happy!!
    6. While volunteering at the library on Tuesday, I found three books about the love of books and reading, and was able to bring them home with me for only $5.
    7. I wrote 3 book reviews today, and saw the amazing Laurie Halse Anderson speak at Kepler’s books in Menlo Park.

  2. Congrats Eisha and Jules on your good news !

    Jen, you’ve been busy…

    My list:

    1 – the opening episode to Doctor Who’s Season 3 was every bit as good as I hoped and better ! FANTASTIC !!

    2 – Weekend at home with my parents – eating real food (instead of canned soup), playing with my cat and enjoying the Gloucestershire countryside.

    3 – I had the plot synopsis for my fourth Who story unfold in my head in full, glorious detail on Monday night. Sat down and wrote it out immediately so I wouldn’t forget !

    4 – An online friend finally finished reading my first Who story and wrote to say how much he enjoyed it…

    5 – My third Who story is heading towards its climax – I’m hoping to have it completed before the long Easter weekend (we get Good Friday as well as Easter Monday off), so I can spend that weekend on the fourth story.

    6 – Someone invited me to contribute any original fiction that I may write to their online journal. (The only problem with that is I’ve no ideas for writing original fic at present – head’s too full of Who ideas ! ;-D Still, it’s nice to be asked !)

    Oh ! Only 6 this week… And they’re still mostly “Doctor Who” related… Oops !!

  3. Eisha, your nephew is beautiful! I’m glad everyone has had so many great things happen this week. My list:

    1. I got to play with a ridiculously cute kitten last night! Oh, and visit its human owners. I can’t think of a better Saturday night activity than playing with a kitten and then watching it nap on your lap.
    2. We had a lovely picnic with a friend this afternoon next to a river. Yummy cheese, chicken, bread, salad and wine to go with great conversation.
    3. A new deli has just opened up near us – it’s full of the nicest looking foods and I can see us spending lots of time (and money!) there.
    4. A pot plant I have had for three years has had its first flower this week.
    5. And a pot I thought was empty bloomed with marigolds.
    6. My work has been going really well
    7. I re-watched Roman Holiday during the week and it was as fun and lovely as I remembered.

  4. Jen, congrats on the nomination. Well-deserved!

    Michele, maybe your seventh piece of Good News can be that Terry Pratchett just might get awarded a knighthood for his service to literature (as I read here at your site).

    Emma, great list! I saw Roman Holiday at The Tennessee Theater years ago, and this is neat, ’cause it is one of the last great movie palaces still in operation, having opened in 1928 . . . great movie.

    I am adding a #8: My husband and I finally saw the very last episode of Six Feet Under last night, and wow. Wow. Wow. And boo hoo hoo that it’s all over. What a show. Frances Conroy is flippin’ brilliant, let me tell ya. It’s taken us quite a while to get to this point, too, watching them on DVD like we have been. And we watched Season One in Knoxville; Season Two in Maryland; Season 3 in Bellevue, TN; and then Season 4 here in Smyrna. For a while there, we thought we’d have to move again to see the fifth and last season. Yes, we’ve moved entirely too much in just a few years. We think we’ll stay here . . . anyway, I’m sad to leave the Fishers, but we all must move on.

  5. P.S. Eisha’s new nephew is a PUNKIN HEAD!



  6. Ooh, yes, congrats to Jen! And I just read Anderson’s Twisted, and oh! it is so good. I bet she’s awesome in person.

    Emma, I’m jealous of your ability to keep plants alive. I hope by “pot plant” you meant a plant in a pot, though. Otherwise, I’m not sure that’s the sort of thing you want to share on the ‘net for all to see. 😉

    Michele, that’s lovely that your writing is going so well. No shame in the Doctor Who fixation. None at all!

    Terry Pratchett, a knight?!? Really???

    I KNOW, my nephew IS A TOTAL PRECIOUS PUNKIN HEAD! His eyes look just like my brother’s. I keep staring at the photos my sis-in-law sent in utter rapturous disbelief. Argh, it’s killing me I’m 1,000 miles away and can’t go kiss that big punkin’ head RIGHT NOW.

  7. Congrats on your nephew, Eishas.
    1. This place to list our weekly seven. Great way to begin Sunday.
    2. I posted nine entries on my blog this week, a record I think.
    3. An ARC of Blackbringer by Lainin Taylor showed up in my mailbox.
    4. I overheard a 2nd grader asked Sabina Rascol, our visitng author, “how do you sign up to be an author?”
    5. Library book order came in.
    6. I have birds nesting about the sliding glass door of the patio.
    7. Our three day author visit was fabulous.
    8. Spring break has begun!!

  8. Hi Ladies,
    Fabulous news on the nephew. He is adorable. It’s also nice to hear that Ella Grace is doing well. I simply love the name.
    Alright, on to my list.
    1. I went to a conference this week and got to catch up with some nice folks I only see once a year.
    2. I spent the two fabulous nights enjoying having a bed all to myself (no husband, no son, no dog!) It’s amazing how small a king size bed is when so many family members crowd into it!
    3. I went to dinner at a fantastic restaurant on Thursday night and not only had good food, but the company of a good friend.
    4. I spent Thursday evening in bed with Hugo Cabaret and LOVED every minute of it! I may even muster up the courage to offer a review.
    5. I came home Friday to the shouts of “Mommy, you’re home! I missed you!”
    6. My son and I spent the whole day together yesterday, the highlight of which was picknicking in a field near railroad tracks and watching trains go by.
    7. William and I finished reading aloud The Mouse and the Motorcycle last night. When we closed the book he said, “That was great, Mommy. Can we read it again?”

    Great lists everyone. May next week be as sweet.

  9. Eisha, You’re going to love Moosewood Restaurant. The food is truly amazing. Plus the fact that Ithaca has so many wonderful restaurants, you are going to be in food heaven. Who would have ever thought? Ithaca is absolutely beautiful.

    1. The kids painted all these little pots over the past few days, and we finished planting colorful yellow, lavender and purpe pansies yesterday. They are so pretty!
    2. A few authors want to befriend me on MySpace. That is so cool.
    3. I went to the GAP and found a few new outfits for the girls all on sale, sale, sale.
    4. My eldest daughter had her swim team banquet yesterday and won a slew of Honorable Mention ribbons and 2 third place ribbons!
    5. The weather has been perfect for the past few days. Just beautiful and sunny with a slight nip in the air.
    6. Our spring garden is starting to come up, with the lovely crocuses leading the way.
    7. The kids have gotten along for almost a whole day yesterday without fighting.

  10. This has not been one of my best weeks, but…

    1. Keeping my baby niece for not one, but two nights over the past weekend! Man, I love that kid. Congrats on your nephew, E.
    2. Having supportive mothers call me during the thwarted Girl Scout leader coup, that wasn’t really a coup, but who can resist the chance to write coup as many times as possible. Coup! Coup! Coup!
    3. One beautiful afternoon in the sun reading.
    4. Spending so much of Thursday at work catching up on my own bidness that I almost feel guilty about it. Almost. It’s like job related.
    5. Putting in for three weeks of leave in August to do absolutely nothing.
    6. Seeing the results of the fake public service announcements that I wrote for my husband’s work and he filmed. My favorite, “Churning butter. Now that took a lot of time. Putting in a new coffee filter and pressing brew, not so much.” They turned out really well I and I wrote most of the ten he filmed.
    7. The headline “Chocolate Jesus show canceled,” which will make me giggle for at least two more days. You know, I loved their first album.

  11. Jules and Eisha,

    Congratualtions to you and your families on all the exciting news!

    Here are my 7 K-A Things:

    1. I launched my own blog, Wild Rose Reader, this morning without a problem!

    2. I had a great time with Grace Lin and Janet Wong last Monday and Tuesday evenings. Will post about that tomorrow at my new blog.

    3. Janet said she was coming back to my area in mid April–so we are going to do a Sunday brunch at my house.

    4. My husband and I finally got around to hanging the artwork, including an original painting by Grace Lin from her book ONE IS A DRUMMER, that I had mounted and framed last December as a Christmas gift to myself.

    5. I went mega-shopping yesterday and got lots of lovely things for my house–which definitely needs a little attention.

    6. Another children’s poet consented to be interviewed by me!

    7. I am taking the lead from Gregory K. at GottaBook and will be posting an original poem every day during the month of April at Wild Rose Reader.

    Thanks for this new feature at your blog. It’s always a good thing to focus on the positive things in one’s life!

  12. 1. Spring break is here!
    2. I saw my first redbud blooming yesterday.
    3. One of the ferns has sent out a tentative bright green fiddlehead.
    4. I get to celebrate April Fools Day AND a full moon with no children in sight.
    5. We’re going to try a new restaurant tonight for dinner.
    6. The dog didn’t get muddy enough to need a bath after her playdate this week.
    7. CLEMENTINE by Sara Pennypacker.

  13. Can I just say how much I love coming here on Sundays and reading all of these? Jules & Eisha, what a splendid thing you’re doing for the world’s mood. I love that you thought this up.

    Emmaco, I caught that “pot plant” thing, too. Let’s not bring down the heat.

    J & E, congratulations on the wonderful husband-job news. And all the babies!!

    Jen, congratulations on the Litty Awards nomination! Cool!

    And everyone else, I’m happy for you that so many lovely things happened to and for you this week.

    This is already too long, so I’ll just list one item:
    Yesterday I put aside all the shoulds and have-tos, and spent the day hiking in the beautiful sunshine with my husband and dog. It made me SO happy. Everything else can wait while I’m in nature, I say. It’s given me a new attitude toward how I want to spend my time.

  14. Jules and Eisha: I just love this Sunday tradition. Congrats to you and your husbands and the new beautiful babies in the world!

    My list is short this week:

    1) I’ve returned from “show-2-kids-to-four-grandparents-in-six days-with-three-days-travel-to-get-there trip. All in one piece. I missed the kidlitopshere (though I read when I could) and I’m just exhausted. But I’m home. We’re in one piece. My kids showed themselves well–epsecially where needed. And, while I’m deeply worried about the health (mental and physical) of one set of parents (my husband’s), everyone is still with us. And for that I’m thankful and grateful. I know the time of reckoning is coming and I have to hold on to each good day.
    2) A great poem appeared in my head. True, it interrupted a potential nap. But I think it’s an excellent if depressing poem. I hope to post it today. I used to write poetry as a girl, but dropped it for prose and academic writing. Recently, however (Poetry Friday, anyone?) it’s invading my head. Adult poetry, though, unlike the prose.
    3) I love my family–immediate and extended (I have a very small extended family, as my husband is an only child and I’m the only one of my siblings to have children yet.) My kids are beautiful, smart, and spunky–even if they fight a lot.
    4) My younger cat is snuggling on my legs as I write this. He’s mentally challenged, but oh so sweet. I want to write from his perspective sometime. I always wonder what the world looks like to him. He really is not very bright, unlike my crochety 17-year-old lady who understands English, Russian, and sign language at this point.

    I am so thrilled to catch up with all the good in everyone’s lives. A happy work week to you all!!

  15. Hey, everyone – thanks for joining in. And thanks for all the congrats, too.

    Jone, was there an answer to the “how to sign up to be an author” question? Because I want to, too.

    Tricia, I keep hearing great things about Hugo Cabret. I hadn’t heard until now, however, that he’s also great in bed. Hee-hee! (Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with my mind today. I’m like in 5th grade again or something.)

    Vivian, congrats to your daughter, and to you for your new MySpace friends.

    MotherReader, those fake public service announcements sound hilarious. Can we see them?

    Elaine, the whole blogosphere is so happy for you. Major congrats, and happy solo-blogging!

    Mary Lee – yes!!! Clementine is awesome! And how did I miss that it’s a full moon on April 1st?

    Robin, good for you! That’ll be a nice addition to your Friday do-something-good-for-yourself list. And thanks for backing me up on the pot plant thing.

    And… go, Kelly! Poetic inspiration is a good thing, indeed. Can’t wait to read the poem itself.

    Thank you all for sharing your lists.

  16. I didn’t even think about the “pot” plant thing 🙂 Is there another name that is more commonly used in the US?

  17. Seven things …..

    1. Babies! Miles, Ella Grace and Isabelle (daughter of Randall and April Kirby Haggard). Plus buds on trees — they’re babies too.

    2. Cats on laps. Button sitting here at the keyboard says purrs to yours, Kelly. When I came home this afternoon, she meowed a welcome and sounded just like a melodic bell.

    3. Discovering many new blogs through the week (not kid lit related). No l’il kids in my life right now so I won’t permit myself to drool and weep over these picture books. Anyhow, these blogs are about stampin’ and creative art. Someone came out with a stamp set to support autism this morning.

    4. Making plans with others about a summer trip to Denver.

    5. Healthy food and resisting temptation — bought nutritious stuff at the grocery today. Well, confession: I didn’t exactly resist once I got home — ate 2/3 of a box of ginger shortbread (the only sweets I bought at the grocery).

    6. Words, words, words … to express ourselves through this medium.

    7. Jules’ tutorial on how to make italics and bold words.

    Be bold this week, and may you have some italic surprises too.

  18. Emmaco, we usually say “potted plant” in the US. Where are you, btw?

    Way to master comment code, Betty! Congrats to Randall and April on the birth of Isabelle! I love that name.

  19. 1. I am so happy that the Franz Wright poem spoke so vividly to Jules. I just relish anyone falling in love with a poem, ever.
    2. I got better this week. More voice, more energy. Today I got to go for a run and I declared myself 99%.
    3. Elder daughter’s new non-homework routine kicked in and she spent her afternoons sewing, working with clay and making a totally awesome spy kit diorama for a book report. And she read whatever she gosh dern felt like!
    4. I LOVE that bake in the oven clay for kids called Sculpy. It is worth every penny …
    5. Today was utterly gorgeous and I took a noon time nap on the back deck before doing vigorous yard work this afternoon.
    6. The new Clementine is due out TODAY!
    7. Friday night we went to Coffehouse — the amazing annual talent show at the girls’ school. They both performed and so did a lot of other very courageous, talented, dynamic, vivacious kids.
    Wow. Thanks. I love this opportunity. Keeps the ol’ head in the right place.

  20. 1. Cheering for my son in his first crew regatta ever. Thinking, holy crap, is that huge, handsome boy my baby? (Oh, just yesterday, he was a punkin head too. Loved seeing your perfect nephew, Eisha.)

    2. Getting an email from my daughter, saying she made it safely to Two Rivers, Alaska, to visit the HIPAS observatory there. Not so good that I haven’t received another one. Note to self: next time make daughter sign contract, promising to write every day, on penalty of losing her car.

    3. Being the “guest writer” for a friend’s email critique group this weekend. I’m exhausted from all the typing back and forth, but it was so worth it.

    4. Ice cream w/bananas, caramel sauce, and mini chocolate chips. Eaten while watching miraculous transformation on What Not to Wear.

    5. My sister’s disability finally got approved for compensation. There is not enough space here to tell you what this means for her and our family.

    6. Friday Night Lights. Anybody else watch this beautiful show?

    7. Spring, spring, spring!

  21. Wonderful reading all the above. It’s such a great way to close out the week. Here are mine:

    1. I proclaimed 3/31 as Silly Words Day and held a Silly Words contest. In the process I collected really fun words from 15 different people, and I got to put audio clips of all those words on the blog. For a treat, go check out “harrumph.”

    2. I visited with 2 very good friends last night and had a great dinner and some strange but really tasty Czech alcohol that they kept calling “Christmas in a bottle.”

    3. I met my mom, niece and cousin in NY yesterday to go to the New York Opera and see Pirates of Penzance. The show was fine, but the company was fabulous.

    4. I had a very good meeting with the guy who might be my next boss. I completely connected with him and now I really hope he joins the company.

    5. I went bowling and bowled a 122 in my second game. Usually I’m happy to get more than 80, so this was truly remarkable.

    6. I sent in the deposit for my annual trip to Deer Isle Maine. Which is the place I’d most likely want to live if I could only take my income there with me. I don’t go on vacation there until October, but I’m happy to be planning it now.

    7. Baseball season starts tomorrow! Time for the annual taunting over the dinner table to commence (my family is split Yankees and Red Sox fans). I can’t wait!

    Have a great week everyone!

  22. Potted plant does lead to fewer misapprehensions I gues! I’m in Brisbane, Australia. I actually suspect I should have written potplant rather than pot plant, but it’s one of those words you use in everyday speech all the time but don’t write.

  23. APRIL HAD A BABY??? I had no idea. Tell her CONGRATS! I’m so out of the loop. I also love that name, Isabelle.

    I love love love reading everyone’s lists and want to comment on everything, but I am trying to finish something I promised the ever-so nice Susan at Chicken Spaghetti about 4,000 weeks ago. But do know I’m reading all the lists and enjoying them. I have questions, comments, exclamation marks, but I gotta go for now . . . (and I am so spoiled with our regular visitors weekly — and enjoy them so much — that if someone doesn’t show up to list one Sunday, it bums me out. For instance, I missed Robin last week, but she’s here this week. Blah blah, gotta go finish this. I’m procrastinating again).

  24. Jules, Eisha – it remains to be seen whether Terry will get his knighthood – we’re petitioning the Govt. for one for him !

    My seventh item (still Doctor Who related !) – “Smith and Jones” got 8.2 million viewers on Saturday night ! Woo WHO !! ;-D

  25. Update on my #2: My daughter just wrote to say she’s fine, and she got to use the big telescope AND drive a dog sled. She sent a few pix of herself and lots of pix of the dogs. I hope she doesn’t decide to ditch college and mush sleds instead…

  26. Sara, your #4 sounds HEAVENLY. The combo is perfection (not just the food combo, but to eat that while watching WWTW).

  27. I forgot to say, Emmaco, we call them “pot plants” here in the UK too – and hardly anyone assumes you mean “pot” as in drugs, but rather a plant in a pot ! So you’re not enitrely misunderstood ! *grins*

  28. […] friends told me that she’s reading If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things based on my frequent ravings about it, and she loves it. Not just loves it, but she showed me that she’s only on page 81 […]

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