Poetry Friday: I can’t help myself.

h1 April 6th, 2007 by eisha

{Note: Today’s Poetry Friday round-up is here at Big A, little a} . . .

I’m still grooving on my new nephew. So I’m sharing a poem about how a baby can totally change your center of gravity: Only Child by D. Nurkse. Here’s an excerpt.

Always we passed the seesaw
on the way to the swings
but tonight I remember
the principle of the lever,
I sit the child at one end,
I sit near the center,
the fulcrum, at once she has power
to lift me off the earth
and keep me suspended
by her tiny weight, she laughing,
I stunned at the power of the formula.

Read the rest here.

And because I really, truly can’t help myself, here’s another picture of Miles:

Miles again.

Did you know they even MADE jeans this small???

And those little feet! In little striped tube socks, even!

Can you stand it???  Can you stand the cuteness???

I mean, I can’t. Every new picture I get is like an actual, serious, physical pain, a paroxysm of cuteness.

Please tell me when I start to get annoying.

Not that it will stop me. But tell me. Please?

Okay, thanks.

And thanks for indulging me.

You can go read the poem now.

19 comments to “Poetry Friday: I can’t help myself.”

  1. This is a gorgeous poem that makes my heart ache. And really, the little jeans make me ache, too. I remember when I was pregnant with my eldest, I suffered from a few moments of very public hysteria in the Baby Gap — all over the size of a little yellow-and-white striped romper. There is something about the littleness of these people that just rocks you — that they are so powerful and so vulnerable at the same time. We are NOT sick of Miles. Bring it on…

  2. Eisha, he’s just beautiful. Have you met him yet?

  3. He’s seriously cute, way better than Cute Overload (which I am completely addicted to). Feel free to continue. 🙂

  4. Eisha,

    I love the poem you selected for Poetry Friday. How wonderful to have such a beautiful little nephew! Pictures and talk of babies are NEVER annoying!

  5. A little baby in jeans? How could you not love that?

    But it’s summer soon, and I hope they’ll be moving him into Surfer Dude clothes, which I always appreciate on infant boys. Start with a yellow Hawaiian shirt. Just a suggestion.

  6. Oh yes, the socks. Always the socks. And if you’d like some more cute-overload footwear, check out Robeez. I almost want to have another baby just for the sunflower shoes.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful poem. How true it is. Wait till baby Miles models baby size baseball caps…it’ll be too cute. And I’m with Robin. Surfer Dude clothes on babies rock.

  8. Thanks, guys. I’m glad it’s not just me.

    Nope, Susan, I haven’t met him yet, but that trip is planned for the 2nd week of May. I CANNOT WAIT!!!


  10. p.s. LOVE that poem. thanks for that.

  11. I just forwarded the Robeez link to everyone I know who has a baby.

  12. Oh, Akelda, Robeez is wicked cute! They have PIRATE SHOES!

    That Hawaiian shirt idea is a good one, too. I’ll start looking. Thanks, Robin.

  13. What is this “Punkin Head” reference I keep reading in relation to Eisha’s nephew ? It’s clearly an American cultural thing – but I’ve never come across it before and I’m baffled !

    Kid’s cute but I don’t really get excited about kids, even cute ones… (Sorry, I just don’t have a maternal bone in my body!)

  14. Michele, that’s just me being a goofball. People will call a cute child a “pumpkin head,” and I’m just trying to spell it the way it tends to roll off the tongue (“punkin head,” even if you’re not from the South). And then I put it in all caps, ’cause I’m screaming it, since Miles’ devastating cuteness is overwhelming me and I’m usually jumping up and down when I see HIS PUNKIN HEAD FACE.

    And, really, how great is Eisha’s poem choice for this week? Love that.

  15. By the way, Kristen McClean at pixie stix kids pix has some pretty great news, too. I don’t know her; I just love her blog. Just look at that picture! Scrumptious, indeed.

  16. You are smitten!! As you should be.

    Target had some shoes similar to Robeez, cheaper too. So take a looksee there first.

    Actually I always had my babies in barefeet until they started walking. Freedom to wiggle their toes.

    Thanks for the poem link. Heading there now.

  17. He is so precious. I love the poem and willshare with the new moms in my life. Lovely.

  18. Jules, thanks for explaining. Are pumpkins considered cute in the US then ? (Sorry, this is clearly one of those cultural divide things, and I’m trying to get my head around it !)

    The poem was great…

  19. Michele – no, we don’t think pumpkins are necessarily cute. It just falls under the – possibly exclusively southern? – tendency to call cute babies food-related names: honey bun, cutie pie, sugar, muffin, etc.

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